The Final Stretch

Posted by (twitter: @alexlarioza)
August 21st, 2011 9:51 am

I love tilemaps; you can throw so many on the screen with hardly any dip in FPS. =] Anyway, I spent most of yesterday tweaking with the level generating code as well as the liquids. Then I went to bed early because I was really lacking the rest from the night before. So today, I’ll need to add most of the polish, menus, and a game-win/game-over condition. I’m very pleased how far the game has come! The goal is to reach the surface (depth 0) by finding the ladders in each of the randomly generated levels. You have to dig around in the dark to find it though. ;] You can also mine out some gold and fetch the princes on each level to score some extra points. Lava, water, and cave-ins (screen shakes and destroys a few walls and add indestructible rubble blocks) block your way.


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