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    Status update~~ 1

    Posted by (twitter: @asiekierka)
    August 20th, 2011 1:22 am

    So, after battling for 6 hours (pre and during LD) with bcm4329.ko, my Android tablet is up and running… with Ubuntu. NO OTHER CHOICE ;_;

    So, what am I going to use?

    Text editor – gedit
    Compiler – OpenJDK-6

    Fingered – PaintJoy/Android (cutscenes)
    Pixelart – mtpaint/Linux (I’d happily look for something better)

    idk? i never wrote a sound API so my game will be SONUDLSES

    IRC the Demotivator – XChat
    Browser the lesser Demotivator – Firefox (Chrome doesn’t work on my ARM)

    GAME TITLE: Right 31
    GAME DESCRIPTION: Escape from the game’s bugs in MULTIPLAYER! You will play on an infinite map, with as many players as you want to!

    So, thats it! Whenever I raise my MOTIVATION bar to 99%, I’ll start coding this thing.


    6 Responses to “Status update~~ 1”

    1. Andrew says:

      Coding using ubuntu on an android tablet? I have no words for the amount of awesome in that alone.

    2. ointment says:

      Ganbatte, Yuki-san!

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