Flee your Fate alphas

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August 20th, 2011 4:10 am

I gotta say the theme hit me just a tad on the wrong side of mind. I’ve had a single idea running through my head that has connotations with several of the like-minded themes that were in the running – in particular criminals, thieves¬†and finally¬†escape. I really wanted to hit something within personal, intimate domains, but despite a lifetime of stories and experiences that would be phenomenal to present through an interactive medium, I simply couldn’t conjure mechanics that would convey it properly. Instead I’m gunning for what runs within the story of criminals and thieves, but with the purpose of escape – I hope it’ll run sufficiently within the theme for people’s liking :)

Anyway, I’ve been fighting with collision detection and vector transformations in FlashPunk (which I haven’t done before) – in retrospect a needless problem if I’d worked within those domains prior to the compo. This time around I’m focusing more on mechanics and much less on visuals. I’ll try and get by with a mix of minimal-frame 16-bit style character images in key places and let all actual interactive gameplay happen with bright colours and primitive shapes to make it easier to follow.

Although the design doc has about 7 distinct levels of gameplay types, I’m hoping to finish at least 3 (and an intro) within the weekend.

Here’s an alpha pick from the first gameplay section, tentatively titled “Hiding the Evidence”. A few debug sprites in there (if you can spot them). Ignore ’em.

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