Chryssalid Escape

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August 20th, 2011 6:52 am

First I wanted to do something in the vein of Last Armageddon. Demons, their homeworld ravaged by aliens, have to find keys to a portal in their ruined city and escape to Earth. Magic vs Tech. Dragon Quest style, maybe with a Dangerous Swimsuit in there somewhere.

Then I felt like doing a TBS. As a twist, you play as the Chryssalids who have to escape the Alien Containment, with the X-COM soldiers hunting them down. The Chryssalids are simple “Alien” units with no upgrades or equipment (to code), but they can increase their numbers by infesting soldiers (in close combat). To offset this, the soldiers get more dangerous as the game progresses. The soldiers act more as stupid semi-mobile turrets that you can sneak up on. Perhaps they advance towards the position where they last saw something, allowing you to set traps (or get killed more efficiently).

Chryssalid Escape LD21 by Arne

Chryssalid Escape LD21 by Arne

I was thinking the game should be a single level that has to be traversed, the escape being the hangar/elevator rooms.

Unfortunately, I might need to code some pathfinding stuff, and the line of sight stuff is not trivial either. It requires some clever ray stepping (Digital Differential Analysis?), and something to speed recalculations due to movement up (adding and subtracting in the fog array as unit see and unsee?). I don’t know. On the other hand, a TBS could afford very slow update rates. Right now I just shoot a lot of rays at a high resolution. It obviously doesn’t work that well even though it’s costly.

Right now I’ve got a map class, some simple scrolling/drawing/selecting and brute force LoS. Working in BlitzMax. The engine is still pretty abstract and adaptable. I might switch to a more manageable project or just watch funny youtube videos all day while pondering the more important stuff that I should be doing.

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  1. kevglass says:

    Love the concept art at the bottom!

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