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August 19th, 2011 7:34 pm

My ideas so far (direct from the recesses of my mind):
1. Some sort of racing game with something chasing you that you have to escape
2. Escape from the wild. Some sort of RPG-ish thing.
3. Escape from the army. Maybe like a platformer. Could have interesting mechanics in both having to fight off the enemy (or not? ally the enemy?) and avoid detection by your nation.
4. Use sepia-tone graphics somehow…
5. Mash the escape button. Not sure how this turns into a game…
6. Something where you don’t know what you’re escaping from, and the goal is to find out.
7. Escape the internet/technology. Something about destroying infrastructure related to the internet (because let’s be honest, how else would you escape it?).
8. Escape stress/time pressure. ???
9. Something where “Escape” doesn’t come first in the sentence…
10. Escape daily life. Something about getting away from routines. Could be set in some sort of dictatorship that enforces routines.

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