Introducing Starfire: A Final Stand!

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August 19th, 2011 10:08 pm

Starfire will be a wave-based survival shooter wherein you play Captain Starfire, a brave space pilot who recently helped his fleet escape a band of kamikaze bombers.

Unfortunately, Starfire’s ship was badly damaged in the battle and he cannot move in space. He may or may not be able to spin with the mouse pointer (maybe planned feature, if I can do it), and he can shoot with his still-functioning weapons.

Enemies will come in waves and dive straight for Starfire’s ship, and Control is watching and keeping record of how well he did in his Final Stand (for the history books, of course).

You will probably earn points for killing enemies and surviving, and the only way out is to die.

Expect programmer art. Terrible programmer art.

– Jonno

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  1. Bloodyaugust says:

    I can give you some language agnostic code for finding a rotation to the mouse if you’d like. Hint: triangle made from sprite location and mouse location. Just ask, I’ll deliver.

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