I should be sleeping, but I’m not!

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August 19th, 2011 5:32 pm

2:30 am. 1.5 hours left until LD #21 begins.

I’ve prepared my recording tools, set up a blank new project in eclipse, and I plan on staying up until the theme is announced. Then I’ll get some sleep and let my dreams invent games for me, and get cracking tomorrow when I wake up.
Exciting! Fun!

As usual, I will be making games from scratch in Java.
I’ll use Eclipse, Paint.net, and quite possibly SFXR.

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  1. Xam says:

    Good luck. I think I’ll let my dreams help as well.

  2. davidlewing says:

    Ever try lucid dreaming?


    I suppose it wouldn’t be possible to learn immediately but getting into the habit of checking a digital time piece (usually a watch) twice will help you learn to know if you are dreaming. If the watch changes a ton between the two checks, then you are dreaming. Have fun :)

  3. Skeaxaxis1080 says:

    Wonder if You can do it? @Davidlewing While its true that lucid dreaming would be great for this it takes months of hard work to get it perfect.

  4. davidlewing says:

    @Skeaxaxis1080 Yeah, I figured it was useless but he might get lucky… :)

    I have been working on learning lucid dreaming but I have only gotten it a few times. :(

  5. maseck says:

    You’ve better use the newest eclipse. And use Java 7 to take the curb of your celebrity status away (Java 7 is out but not the recommended version yet).

    And since you might actually read this… Mojang should livestream some video game fridays and some indie games that need love.

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