Making Preparations

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August 18th, 2011 7:19 pm

Like many others I’ve cleaned off my work area. I don’t know if it’ll result in clean code, but it’s a lot less distraction, and for someone as ADD as I am, it makes a big difference. That… and it’s just a good reason to actually clean the house up a bit.

Where the magic happens

Since last time I’ve got a new motherboard and processor, which ironically was not the issue when my computer blew up. Actually turned out to be my video card. Kinda had been looking to upgrade anyways and I had some RAM that fit it lying around… and I wasn’t going to drive it all the way back out to where I got it from. So I’ve got an older video card in here, but it’s suiting me just fine.

Where the wife's magic happens

And… just to my left… is a ridiculously colorful array of feather earrings. I make the little dreamcatcher parts for some of them, my wife does…. everything else. Lots of productivity in this house 😉

I plan on staying up tonight knocking out a few more features I want to have ready for tomorrow night. I need some more specific functions for scanning for objects and I’m trying to re-implement my 3d tile-based map stuff. Very exciting to actually take my engine for a test drive with this!

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