Welcome to Ludum Dare 21!

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August 17th, 2011 9:04 pm

Hi everybody!

It’s nearly time to kick off the latest, and what should be yet-again our biggest event yet: Ludum Dare 21.

Theme voting is well under way, with Round 4 closing soon, and Round 5 to follow with ~20 of the highest rated themes from Rounds 1-4. If you haven’t already, go cast your vote:



Hoping to avoid a repeat of April (15 minutes late ’cause I couldn’t flick the theme switch), we’ve since gone ahead and added a caching plugin to the website. Also this time, I’ll be checking the results early, before the swarm hits us.

And *NUDGE NUDGE WINK WINK*, IRC and Twitter will be getting the results FIRST!

On to the festivities!


Headlining our 21st event with a keynote is Breakdance McFunkypants. Check out this fantastic combination of hip shades, mad-skilled infants, and puppetry:

Sos is back with more of what you love, YOU!

Declarations of intent intermixed with some fine LD game footage. Check it out:

A huge thanks to both Sos and McFunkypants for making such extravagant videos. You guys are the best!

That’s it from me. Stay tuned for your Final Round theme voting, and the event. Good luck!


29 Responses to “Welcome to Ludum Dare 21!”

  1. hooligan says:

    Nice work sos + McFunkypants!

  2. vede says:

    :( My video isn’t in there.

    It’s okay, though. Not gonna make a big deal out of it or anything.

    It’s here if anyone wants to see what it was: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVc7gxW5Aeg

  3. Riley Adams says:

    I was busy and never got around to making a video, but those were great. This is gonna be a fun weekend!

  4. Manuel777 says:

    Excellent videos!!!

    Ps: some of us are scary haha 😀

  5. ratking says:

    Gawd I hate my voice.

  6. PaulSB says:

    Wish I’d been more creative in the video now 😛

  7. Folis says:

    3:08 Woo! Me! Yay! If I watch myself one more time, I’ll throw up! 😀

    Great job McFunkypants, and nicely done, Sos, even though Draknek had two videos… No Fair!

  8. TheGrieve says:

    Really wish I had a camera now :) apologies again for the ridiculous length

    Great job both of you.

  9. devinmoore says:

    See me do a guitar clip from Tales of Arthur – Flower of Knights at 13:39

  10. stigrv says:

    My clip was followed by the text “you are the last survivor of your species”. Probably just a coincidence, but still..

  11. moltanem2000 says:

    That was great! great job to the both of you and to everyone else!

  12. Alan Lynn says:

    I think it would have been a better video if the high-pitched voice was omitted entirely.

  13. Wow, we come off as a scary and nerdy lot, don’t we?

  14. johnfn says:

    I’m seeing ‘you must be logged in to vote,’ which doesn’t make any sense because I left this comment…

  15. Tyler says:

    Awesome Video(s)! This is one of my favorite keynotes so far.

    I made a video, but I’m unsure if I properly submitted it through the site you guys provided.

  16. Winterblood says:

    Hah! I am silent :) Volume on the MOV I submitted WAS a bit low…

    Great keynote, Mr. McFunkyPants! And thanks to Sos for taking the trouble to compile all our beautiful faces, before they are reduced to haggard staring masks by the rigours of LD21…

  17. Zed says:

    Just to reassure you all, I’ve since put clothes back on.

    Loved the video, can’t wait.

  18. Sos says:

    I hope we all evolved enough already to pick the right theme, huh?

  19. SusanTheCat says:

    Yay! Midge the Wonder Dog made it!

    Go Midge!

    Now I have to put her in my game!


  20. MaskedPixel says:

    Great video! As a noob, the first one really helped :)

  21. saluk says:

    Wow, I’ve been doing these jams for years, and I still make NOOB MISTAKE every time.

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