I’m IN for LD21

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August 17th, 2011 8:47 am

As much as I can be, anyway.  We’ll be driving for 20 of the 48 hours, but I should still have a few hours to program and lots of time to think about it  (and a few hours of laptop battery if I’m not driving the whole time).

It’s my first real LD after starting with miniLD 28.  I’ll try to use the corona sdk like last time so it can go on the android market.  Also, since my game has to be so simple, I’ll try to port to pygame/pybox2d.  Hmm, seems a little like feature creep, and I haven’t even started the competition.  Actually, maybe I’ll start in python and port to the sdk since python is so awesomely awesome.

I’ll probably reuse my simple lua 2D vector class from the last miniLD which mostly comes from my python 2D vector class.
I make no guarantees about performance or correctness :) but here they are:
mymath.lua    vec2.py

I’ll post a pybox2d main loop before the competition if I get a chance to make one (I’m also trying to finish up my miniLD 28 entry).

If anyone has any extra suggestions besides just using py2exe for sharing a python/pygame app, please let me know.  (I usually use linux and haven’t shared programs on windows much. )

Here’s to hoping to avoid disaster and making a game a little more playable than my miniLD 28 entry.

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  1. SusanTheCat says:

    I’m only going to be in the car for 6 hours out of the weekend. I’m looking forward to it as a “Forced Planning Session”.

    Good Luck,

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