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August 16th, 2011 5:49 pm

I’m in! This’ll be my fifth LD.

As usual I’ll be using C++. Probably using Ogre, Bullet, OpenAL, and perhaps Lua/Luabind. I’ll link my base framework thingy once I’ve written it…


  • Blender: For making pretty 3d thingys.
  • Gimp: For making ugly 2d thingys.
  • vim: For making that stuff that tells the computer what to do.
  • g++: For making the computer understand that stuff.
  • scrot: For taking pretty pictures of my desktop.
  • CMake: For building.
  • CTest/CDash: For continuous integration (mainly because “continuous integration” is fun to say).
  • git (hosted on Github): For version control.

I’ll be doing 90% of the actual development in Linux, but I’m mainly targeting Windows, so I’ll be pushing changes to a github repo, and having a secondary Windows box continuously pulling changes and building. This should let me work in my preferred environment (Linux), but still ensure it’s working and building in Windows at the same time.

Here’s a little picture of my previous entries (I saw a bunch of these last time I did LD):


3 Responses to “!ni m’I”

  1. Doing dev on one OS and auto building on another is a really sweet idea.

  2. Tyler says:

    I loved Island Hopping. Looking forward to your entry!

  3. no1dead says:

    Do you still have the game that you made for LD16?

    It looks awesome and I’ve searched high and low for it so I could play it.

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