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August 14th, 2011 9:16 am

What’s happening folks?  I have been out of the Ludum Proper since LD15, for which I submitted a game where you exploded bikini babes with spikes and hammers and things.  I was previously working all day and most nights making the very best football videogames you could possibly ever want (or from the perspective of the indie-game scene, I had a “day job” where I worked for some folks who you probably don’t like very much).  But a few months ago, some of my peers decided to try a startup, and I wanted in, and so I went.  When I left EA, I made two postcards, one of them an homage to the game that tipped me over the edge:

And one a motivational speech inspired by my friend Tim Rogers’ Bulletstorm review on Action Button Dot Net: doitmotherfucker.com

Since leaving EA I have been working on small games, and it has been glorious.  I compose music, I make art, I write dialogue, I help with marketing, and as always I write some white hot liquid code; it’s been wonderful.  And now I work somewhere that allows me to participate in things like Ludum Dare without a hundred thousand layers of red tape blocking the way.

I’ll be building something this time, despite having a new baby in the house!  My toolbox (which has several ORs depending on theme):

  • art: photoshop OR tilestudio OR graphics gale
  • music: garage band or milky tracker
  • web: flashdevelop + flixel OR pushbuttonengine
  • mobile: corona + lime

Looking forward to it!


2 Responses to “[throws champagne glass]”

  1. jonbro says:

    are you going to do a mobile version as well?

    also, I loved you postcards, they are great!

  2. skelethulu says:

    My plan is definitely to port to mobile, just not sure if it will be in before the competition deadline (not that this matters much anyway, as mobile games are almost impossible for other people to play before they’re up). I’ve got a decent process down for porting flixel / PBE stuff to Corona (which works on iOS / android) so it should be less than 48 additional hours to finish a hot port once I throw down any finishing touches. And thanks!

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