ghbrvlowabrvfladberogvlwrvfwlo games wants you!

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August 14th, 2011 2:55 pm

This might sounds like a joke, but I’m being absolutely serious.


ghbrvlowabrvfladberogvlwrvfwlo games is bunch of quality-free games that you made (or not yet)!

In a nutshell, this is how it works:

  • People upload games
  • When the meter reaches 700MB, all games get bundled on a CD
  • ISO image, game selector, and a booklet (for various CD-box sizes) is made
  • The games will not install! I will make a thingie that unzips to temp and runs.
  • Everyone can assemble the CD at home and go merchandise it! (As in, on the street)
  • Also, I will prepare an instructional video on how to trick people into buying it

This might sound poor, but I must say that I successfully managed to sell such stuff on the street, and it can profit (unless it rains).
All we need is a CD full of games! After it’s full, I’ll tweak the meter to a DVD size (4.7 GB).

Well, I bet all of you have some teeny tiny games that will fit there perfectly, or will make ones!

Also, you can consider ghbrvlowabrvfladberogvlwrvfwlo games a host for your LD21 games, if you are OK with what can happen to it.


PS. there’s an upload size limit that grows, let me know if you need more space!

12 Responses to “ghbrvlowabrvfladberogvlwrvfwlo games wants you!”

  1. ratking says:

    This is so fhkuwarawneuvfzneSQINGBVZEUMXNFCBRTF!

  2. shockedfrog says:

    I like this, but someone needs to come up with a backronym for the name.

  3. Draknek says:

    > there’s an upload size limit that grows, let me know if you need more space!

    I have a game which is approximately 655MB in size, please can you change the server settings so I can upload.

  4. moltanem2000 says:

    games that are quality AND free or quality-free :V

  5. LegacyCrono says:

    I still think the Langdell portrait on the footer is the cherry of the cake. XD
    Are Flash games accepted?

  6. Cirrial says:

    Hell yes I am entering this after LD21. We can be the modern day Action 52, except with at least twice the effort!

  7. Kouta says:

    What’s with you and anime. THIS IS ENSLAVING ME ;_;

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