MiniLD #28 Results!

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July 31st, 2011 5:01 pm

UPDATE: Mini LD 28 is officially over! Congratulations to all the participants!

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27 Responses to “MiniLD #28 Results!”

  1. Psychopathologic says:

    Great theme! I’ll definitively participate.

  2. Mikhail Rudoy says:


  3. Anthelion says:

    I think I can make something delicious out of this, but I’m worried it might lend itself to a lot of games offering similar gameplay styles and themes…

  4. Prepare, my brothers-in-arms, for battle!
    Are… you… ready… to… RUMBLE?

  5. Lotheran says:

    Awesome theme!

    I think I’ll join this one 馃槈

  6. Lotheran says:

    Awesome theme!

    I think I’ll join this one if possible 馃槈

  7. blackball2186 says:

    This is gonna be my first Ludum Dare, in fact it will be my first game period so wish me luck.

  8. ratking says:

    I have a small gameplay idea, but I’m not sure if I have the time …

  9. elbowroom says:

    Good pick, good presentation, good luck.

  10. young_payters says:

    Hey all,
    A very noob question for ye. Is this the Jam section? Just want to double check for the rules and that. Looking forward to the lack of sleep next weekend!!

    • elbowroom says:

      This is the comments ‘area’ where you can post feedback and thoughts about Mini Ludum Dare 28# which starts on July 30th.

      The normal Ludum Dare #21 is not until next month.

      You will be able to post your game to the Jam during that competition.

      Good luck.

    • MrDude says:

      Jam section? This is a Mini-LD, not a main LD.

      The main LD is next month, and the jam runs alongside that.

      • young_payters says:

        thanks. well this is a great open theme anyway. im probably going to over engineer this and end up with a fantastic framework but with no gameplay haha

  11. This should be interesting. Some great design work there for it, too.

  12. Killswitch says:

    Ha! I’m going to join this war, alright! Is July 30 the deadline or is it the date when the war starts?

  13. tcstyle says:

    I will try to participate as my wife and child are out of town. An idea already floats in my head and I expect to post a mockup tomorrow.

    I’m really excited about joining my first MiniLD. Yay!

  14. Hello ! Is the mini LD an actual competition ? Can I do the mini-compo with a partner ? I swear we will have fun anyway. I’m eager to begin. :)

  15. Arowx says:

    Is it OK to run through until 15:41 UK time, today so I get my full 48 hours, and can I include the 12 hours extension?

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