Randomly encountering!

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July 29th, 2011 1:05 pm

quick, name the most annoying part about RPGs…


bingo, Random Encounters every two seconds!

My basic random encounter system is working, but it runs about 30 times a second, but hey, I can get that tweaked!


Anyway, I might not get any story done, but at least with the random encounters done, I just need battle, levels, money, and shops, and that should be enough for the Mini LD!


No updates yet, as the changes aren’t visible, but there’ll be an update tonight, I promise!


FYI, the “Black Triangle” is a milestone for the programmer that nobody else knows/cares about, likeĀ outputtingĀ a black triangle on a black screen, it’s a huge achievement, but nobody notices it!


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  1. johnfn says:

    I agree, this is one of the most annoying parts of RPG. Would like to hear how you fixed it.

    • Well, first off, I only check if you are moving before encountering, and secondly, I have a unique way of checking…

      Each tile type has a passable checkmark and a chance of Encounter, I take a random number, and check it against the tile’s chance Of Encounter, on the path the chance is 0, but on the grass, there is a 1/10 chance of encounter.

  2. huhwhozat says:

    Usually the chance to encounter is based on # of steps taken. For instance I believe it was Tales of Phantasia that had an almost guaranteed (90-ish percent) chance of an encounter after 30 steps. This is good because it moves the random checking from a per-iteration to a per-step basis, hence lessening processor load slightly. It also makes encounters more predictable (depending on how much the chance to encounter is varied.) This also stops you having to disable the clock while you’re in menus or standing still. Overall its more elegant than a timer.

    • Well, I only check for random encounters if you are moving, I’m basing a TON of this stuff off of FFVII (Final Fantasy 7) Mechanics, but I’m going towards a NetHack theme for encounters due to lack of time (I’ve got to pack)…

  3. frnknstn says:

    I never understood why people are down on random encounters. They work out almost identically to randomly-placed respawning monsters that replaced them, but don’t obscure the fancy background artwork :)

    • saluk says:

      Randomly placed respawning mobs give at least a chance of avoiding the fight altogether. I think my biggest beef with combat is not how they are initiated, but in how they break up the flow. When you go to another screen for combat, and the combat lasts a while (usually a minute or two), returning to the map is kind of jarring. I often forget which direction I was exploring, and if I get in another fight after 2 steps, I didn’t have enough time to regain my exploration senses. HATE that. When that happens more than a few times in a row, I turn the game off. It’s like when commercials come up in the middle of a show and you forget what was happening in the story.

      It’s better when the fights are a bit more integrated into the exploration, like chrono trigger; or if the fights are very quick without a lot of excess animation, like the old dragon quests (which still show some of the map).

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