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July 24th, 2011 12:56 am

So the tentative title is WarBeats and is hitting the borderline between games like Rez (where the music reacts to the player’s actions) and Guitar Hero (where timing is key to high scores).

Warbeats preview image. First alpha

I’ve narrowed down the actual design and working on putting the pieces together. Three to four weapons are used to destroy the same amount of enemy types. Firing and destroying generates musical queues, while the marching army generates a constant beat to the music. They fire automatically, my intention being that the rifle shots are the central melody of the composition. So, beat (marching), tune (rifles), incidental rhythm (player actions). It either becomes sweet music or bitter cacophony. I’m too far now to turn it any other way 😛

I’m piecing together standard parts right now, trying to ignore the really tough features. I’ve figured out a model for the music sequencer that should (hopefully) minimize delay between synchronized musical samples to a very small millisecond count, but coupling this with movement of spawned enemies to the rhythm is quite a different beast.

Fun fun.

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  1. This is a great idea. Much like one of my favourite PSP games ever: PATAPON. Look it up, view some videos – you will love it. Can’t wait to see your game!

    • That’s just what I was thinking!

      If you look online, you’ll see a few Patapon-like games, but this one is more like the first two and less like the third( the third only has 4 guys, kind of bugs me)…

      You had better finish, unlike that guy who tried to do “the legend of ▲╥ħ-▼” (Behold, the power of ASCII!)

  2. Jedi says:

    It seems like you’ve got a nice, innovative but simple design. All the stuff a winning LD entry is made of (I imagine). I’m really looking forward to this one.

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