The reason I missed last Mini-LD

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July 16th, 2011 8:26 am


So I had to make this game for game-design-school instead.

You control a virtual-reality-submarine in several missions. Also, torpedoes.

While it is fun, it needs a few weeks of polish I couldn’t add due to time-contraints. Anyway, have fun.

Now this is over I can once again concentrate on the next challenge.


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  1. huhwhozat says:

    That is very impressive and pretty fun! I’ll get right to constructive criticism. Controls feel a bit weird, perhaps increasing the roll speed would help. It also needs sfx and more than just one constant music loop. The tower defense was exceptionally difficult – I only managed to blow up one carrier no matter how much I tried. It’s difficult to tell when and why your ship is getting damaged as well. Otherwise very fun.

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