30 games in one weekend?! WOW!

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June 27th, 2011 10:11 am

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The “ALL TALK” June 2011 miniLD is officially over. It was a gigantic success and the support and community enthusiasm was overwhelming and far exceeded my every hope. Not only was I inundated in kind words of thanks and encouragement on twitter, but people seemed to really love the theme and enjoy themselves. The general vibe I got from people was incredibly positive, filled with humour and positivity and creativity.

The sheer number of games made BLOWS ME AWAY. I expected 5 to 10 games at most but so far there have been THIRTY games submitted! I’d say that for each game that was finished, two more were started but abandoned. Therefore, it is entirely possible that this little game jam affected a hundred people’s lives – hopefully for the better. I’m glad I left the entry form open a little later than midnight last night (the official closing time) – one last minute entry just came in.

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Remember to be nice and overlook any rough edges: we had several first-timers join and what people really need right now is positive encouragement. Along with your ratings, be sure to leave comments telling the author what you liked and where there is room for improvement.

You can play all the games here – remember to give feedback for every game you play. In the next couple weeks you should have the much-sought-after rare and valuable Ludum Dare achievement trophies you deserve appear on your profile pages… but give me a few days to try out all your games.

I’m so grateful for and proud of all of you.  You guys rock!

7 Responses to “30 games in one weekend?! WOW!”

  1. Jigxor says:

    Thank you again for organising this :) It forced me to learn!

  2. psychicparrot says:

    Thanks for organising it, man. I had a great time and learned how to use a new engine (Inform). It rekindled my love of text-based gaming, too.

    The other entries are just fantastic, too – it’s always good to see creativity like this, no matter what the form it takes. Brilliant fun!

  3. You’re very welcome. It truly was a pleasure.

  4. Winterblood says:

    I’d also like to thank Mr. McFunkypants for his sterling efforts to encourage everyone to participate and enjoy themselves. You have been a model host, sir!

  5. Fenyx says:

    I’m sorry that I couldn’t finish, but this was an awesome opportunity for building my engine! Thank you for motivations!

  6. moltanem2000 says:

    Hey wow, big turnout for a mini-ld! well done everyone!

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