Fat Farming Girl: Prototype Released!

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June 22nd, 2011 12:42 am

Fat Farming Girl is now playable! It has lots of bugs, but I wanted to get some early feedback before submitting it for the competition:

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  1. Incredible! So colourful and interesting. Fantastic work! Here are my two cents worth of constructive criticism, meant light heartedly:

    1. The game seemed to hang when I slept, the mouse was stuck for a surprisingly long time I thought the game had crashed. Perhaps a “saving…” popup would save people from shutting down the game too quickly.

    2. Is an installer necessary? For Ludum Dare games the standard practice is just a zip file so that our registries and program files remain untouched. Not just for security reasons, but because sometimes we have 500 games to play and the faster we can get into the action the better. Why require administrator privs if not required? If your game can run from any folder, why not give up two versions: portable for the experts and an installer for the non-coders?

    3. Sometimes the “?” icon would appear but nothing would happen if I clicked on it. Are these empty people or was I not close enough?

    4. The pathfinding is a bit rough – I would often get stuck or not move to where I wanted to. Certainly not a big deal, but perhaps you could tweak it a little so that one click will truly get you to that location more often. On second thought, I just realized that the arrow keys will walk you around. This fixes my frustrations perfectly – I’ll just avoid using the mouse.

    5. This game is so freaking awesome – overall I’m BLOWN AWAY.

    Keep up the wonderful work.

  2. redpandagames says:

    Thanks for taking a look!

    1. I’ll take a look at sleep mode. It is supposed to last for about 5 seconds. When the “sleep music” is over, you should be able to continue walking.

    2. The installer isn’t necessary. People usually complain if I don’t provide one, so I just made it standard practice. I’ll provide just a folder for the next one.

    3. I forgot to adjust the randomizer! If you generate a random number for which there is no response, the person will say nothing. I need to update the generator for each character. I just forgot.

    4. The pathfinding is kind of tricky because sometimes it wants to walk around what you want to go to. I am working on this.

    5. Thanks!

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