A Platformer about Persuasion

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June 22nd, 2011 5:32 pm

I’ve been a long time observer of these Ludum Dare contests but have always happened upon them right as they are over.  This will be my first entry!

I am not comfortable doing an art and dialog-heavy RPG, so for the theme of “All Talk” I have decided to take a platformer and smash it down into a game about talking.  The idea is that instead of directly controlling a platformer character, you talk to one and convince it to do what you want.

The idea has evolved into a herding game of sorts.  You are character who is trying to convince all of the little peons to go to the right side of the screen.  There is apparently some great danger on the left side of the screen.  You are opposed by an adversary who is trying to convince all the peons to go to the left side of the screen where he is either trying to eat them or capture them or something like that.

So you are a single platformer character controlled with WASD, and when you are colliding with a peon, you can talk to it to convince it to either walk left, right, or jump by using the arrow keys.  If a peon is doing something you tell it to and collides with another peon, it will try to convince the other peon to do the same thing.  So everyone is talking to each other.  All Talk you might say.

To make it more interesting, each peon will have a rank (and probably some other attributes) that determine whether or not it succeeds in persuading.  The game will basically be an action game to see who can herd the peons to their side fastest.  I might even try to squeeze in a multiplayer where one player herds to the left and other to the right.

I am a big fan of Reddit rage comics, so all of the peons are various rage faces.

I am writing it in Javascript with the HTML5 canvas.  I have been needing to learn Javascript better for a long time and this gives me an opportunity to check out the new features of HTML5.  So far I am very impressed and am excited about the possibility to make browser games without any plugins at all.

Hopefully I get this done in time!

The game will live at least for now at http://lifelessboring.com/minild27 so give it a play if you are interested.  I will try to keep at least moderately playable versions on the live site.

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