MP3’s for RPG dialogue voiceovers

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June 17th, 2011 2:28 pm

Voicebox is a very simple HTML example for RPG games that require voiceover dialogue. Instead of carefully recording all of your game’s speech, certain characters can be assigned an “alien tongue” that is made up of simple nonsense sounds.┬áMuch like in the original KOTOR adventure game by Bioware, important characters can be given proper English voiceovers while secondary characters or those you don’t have time to record dialogue for can simply play random snippets of silly “fake” speech like these.┬áBelieve it or not I recorded these myself using a microphone (in between bouts of laughter). Feel free to use these recordings in your game. Enjoy!


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  1. uuav says:

    It’s great ! I’m using a similar idea, wich sounds more like voices in animal crossing. Each vowel got a sound so each time a vowel is written you hear the sound, it give a fun baby speech “aaoheaohahoae!”, really fun to play with but I’m afraid it become boring after a certain amount of time.
    I’ll post a demo as soon as I can!
    I’m hoping to hear more voice simulation trick idea in this competition !

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