I will be participating in MiniLD 25

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June 15th, 2011 4:51 pm

Although we are allowed to start now, I won’t actually start till that Friday. Mainly because this is the end of a semester for me so I have finals to take and papers to write. I will be using Inform7 to write an IF game. I have never used Inform before, although I have toyed with it in the past. Hopefully I’ll have a complete (probably short) game by the deadline. Either way, I am using this opportunity to learn how to work a fantastic IF creator.

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  1. Inform7 is absolutely incredible. You can use normal English to get the job done. That said, it never turns out as simple as you think – you have to say things in a certain way. The key to I7 success is to learn from the masters – be sure to download example advanture games from Emily Short and Plotkin and other masters and copy-n-paste a lot of what you want to achieve or you might get stuck on the little details of the simplest little things at the onset. Most pro IF authors have a “base code” of utility functions pre-written that they import into each new game – do some googling and start your project “on the shoulders of giants”.

    Good luck and have fun!

  2. alexlarioza says:

    I’ve been looking into I7 examples this week and toying around with the program. You are right, there are a couple quirks here and there so it should prove to be an interesting weekend. Thanks for the comment and sorry for the late reply!

  3. Inform7 is truly a masterpiece. You will love it. You can run the games on the web by the way using something called parchment. That way you can have an exe, just the data file for people with a z-machine interpreter, AND on any old web page using javascript. Oh, and i7 games also can be run on ios and android btw as zmachine interpreters are available for them as well!

  4. alexlarioza says:

    Thanks for the tips! I must now think of a story first, haha. Hmmm.

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