Mini LD#26 – D.T.Tracy works well

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May 29th, 2011 12:56 pm

It’s almost done, but I wanted to share some progress during the evening lunch : I used Unity3D for 3h44 minutes now, MonoDevelop for 45minutes, ¬†SeaShore (pixel graphism) for 1h 8 minutes, and GarageBand for 27 minutes so far. That’s a little more than 6 hours of work for the current progress of Dirty Things Tracy.

What did I do ?

Tracy has got a single level with a 4 screens size. The old-school scrolling works very well : reminds me of Rick Dangerous, so it’s a little bit more than expected: well done ! :)

The dirty t-shirts monster are there, with a very limited sprite animation, 2 pictures : done ! :)

The “compactor” works well, even if there’s a weird bug that cause the weapon to fire the wrong way just after you’ve change direction : done ! :)

No sound FX nor background music are done for now, I didn’t find the right sound to make it during the little half an hour in GarageBand. Not done ! :(

But, I did more than that : traps are present and you’ve got a full playable level with a second weapon : the mega block. The mega block is made from four compacted dirty t-shirts that you have compacted with the first weapon and then retrieved by walking through them. Then you can use this mega block on the level to be able to walk over a trap !

Before releasing it, I will/would like to :

– add sound effects and background music,

– fix the first weapon bug,

– add a graphical GUI for the compactor and mega blocks

Here are some pictures (remember I’m not a graphist !)

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