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May 28th, 2011 3:28 pm

Finally got the concept/mockup/etc for my MiniLD #26 together here. Interesting requirements; they have really delayed me (planned to start early this morning) but I think it makes a pretty good point. Hammering out a game in a weekend is cool, but having a plan and an idea of what it should look like makes me feel a lot more directed now that I’m getting ready to begin.

Title: Detritus

Description: At an unspecified location in an unspecified time period, you live as a scavenger amidst the wreckage of a destroyed civilization. One day, while digging in the debris, you make an incredible discovery…

Detritus is a text-driven adventure game about exploration, mystery, and lost technology.


The mockup shows two related game screens. The center of the screen is dominated by a static illustration of the current location or situation. When the player has finished observing the illustration, it fades out and is overlaid by a text description and a number of options. The player selects one of the options to progress the game and the text will change to reflect that progress. New illustrations will be presented as warranted by the player’s progress. Note that the vaguely medieval theme of the mockup has nothing to do with the actual game.

Definition of Done:

  • Playable from start to finish.
  • At least one “win” and one “lose”; as an adventure game, these will probably be “good” and “bad” endings.
  • At least ten illustrations of reasonable quality.
  • Some sort of inventory system.
  • MMO-style quest tracker keeps current goal and progress visible at all times.
  • Accessible and understandable instructions.

Bonus Features If I Have Time:

  • Some type of character customization/progression.
  • Useful mapping system.
  • Specialized mechanics beyond the multiple-choice adventure paradigm; puzzle mini-games, for example.
  • Player journal for tracking previous events and quests.
  • More/better artwork (Art could be an enormous time investment, so it is a low priority beyond the minimum.)

Themes in Use:

Mainly “Dig” and “Descend”, I think. To be honest, I’m not sure how much influence the themes will have, but I’ll do my best to work them in where I can.

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