Descentsitized – night 1

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May 28th, 2011 1:25 am

We have ZOMBIES!

I think there's a Thriller joke in here somewhere...

Yes, there are zombies in that image. You may have to turn your monitor brightness up to see them, or view the full image and look for their beady red eyes. Also, they roam back and forth across the screen, while our hero runs in between them screaming and apparently coming out unscathed. This will change.
For now, I should get some sleep. Considering I only started on this at about 23:30 and it’s 03:30 now, I’d say I’m doing decently.

3 Responses to “Descentsitized – night 1”

  1. LegacyCrono says:

    I can’t see anything… D:

  2. Jonny D says:

    That’s creepy. I hope you can’t see them well until they’re right on you and that they move faster when you can’t see them. 😉

    • whitelynx says:

      Definitely was planning on not being able to see them until they’re close… I really like the idea about them moving faster when they’re not visible, though… mind if I steal it? 😛

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