Mini-LD #26: Glitchin’

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May 27th, 2011 11:20 am

Title: Glitchin’

Description: A reverse roguelike where you play as a buggy game trying to keep a player from winning.


  • A procedurally created dungeon.
  • An opponent “player” that can navigate the dungeon with goals, attempting to find treasure and the exit.
  • The true player can cause glitches, destroying parts of the dungeon.
  • The opponent can find bombs and picks, allowing them to destroy your dungeon.
  • Music and sound effects
  • At least two monsters to be used by the player to stop the opponent via glitches.
  • At least two environmental effects (lava, gas, so on) that can be used in the same way.
  • Some neat ‘glitch’ visuals.

So that’s my concept: A game where you play as the game. Too ambitious? Probably, but I have a handle on most of it. The tricky bits will be the opponent players, since I’ve never done any sort of complex AI. I’ll probably go for a lo-fi NES or DOS game aesthetic. Maybe even use the horrendous CGA palette and rely on interesting glitch effects to carry the visuals.

Mechanically, I want to explore the concept of needing to give up pieces of your dungeon to win the greater battle (you know, the Destroy part of the theme), as well as the idea of toying with players.

My tools:

flixel, flixel power tools, (possibly) TweenLite, Pro Motion, sfxr, FL Studio. I may also find some open source Pixel Bender effects to use.

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