Attack of The Heavenly Bats – success story

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May 26th, 2011 4:23 am

I was told to write a post describing why my game is awesome and how did it come to it. I’m going to be pretty shameless, please forgive me 😛 There we go then…

Attack of the Heavenly bats

So, When I finished the LD version, I wasn’t satisfied with it, and thought that it would be a waste of weekend not doing anything about it. I decided to finish, polish and release the game. I spent about a week on that, and started spamming the internets with it, starting on Kongregate, Newgrounds and some random flash sites.

I managed to get a deal on it, but I guess I shouldn’t disclose the details…

And then… I was completely amused with what started to happen… Since I’m pretty new to flash business, I haven’t thought of sitelocking or encrypting the game, and the flahs game sites become flooded with the game, just see for yourselves:

Google search

But! Since Newgrounds has a game name length limit, I got rid of ‘the’, so there’s more to it….

Google search

Also, Some guy on tigsource forums made a 30 minute gameplay video bundle!

Attack of the Heavenly Bats Game Let’s Play EP1
Attack of the Heavenly Bats Game Let’s Play EP2
Attack of the Heavenly Bats Game Let’s Play EP3
Attack of the Heavenly Bats Game Let’s Play EP4
Attack of the Heavenly Bats Game Let’s Play EP5
Attack of the Heavenly Bats Game Let’s Play EP6

And some other guy I don’t know where from, made another three videos!

(1) Let’s Play Blind – Attack of the Heavenly Bats
(2) Let’s Play Blind – Attack of the Heavenly Bats
(3) Let’s Play Blind – Attack of the Heavenly Bats

also, some flash websites took their time to make a +2 trained version!

Hacked version
Another hacked version

But well, they didn’t notice that I actually added a cheatcode there (Hint: Get Psyched!)

Also, the game was featured on Video Game Hot-Dog webcast!

The game was featured on newgrounds frontpage for several days, got ‘Awesome’ rating, and some good reviews. It also got ‘3rd best game today’ award’ when it was released. Moreover, today my 4 medals got accepted!

Anyways, Any minute now the game will top 150,000 plays! For now it’s 149,721 hits, and it’s up for only two weeks! It gets about 6k hits daily!

Hmmm… what about Kongregate then… Well.. as soon as it dropped from the frontpage, it stopped getting hits, and kongregators forgot about it 😛
See for yourself: Kong version
And what about Flash Game Licence? Well, i managed to get a deal without FGL, and on FGL I got 1 buyer view, and he spent 16 seconds playing the game.

My point is, that Kong and FGL are not suitable for every kind of game…

For all I’m pretty much excited and hyped! I was even asked to make a sequel, and I will surely do so! It was hard work to get there, since I have a programming dayjob and needed to do tons of fixes early after the release. But it payed back, and I can shamelessly state, that I made an awesome game 😉

8 Responses to “Attack of The Heavenly Bats – success story”

  1. Sos says:

    Since I wanted to be shameless, I’m commenting on this post, hearting it, and hearting this comment 😛 Is that shameless enough?

  2. Sos says:

    It seems I can’t do that to my own thing tho oh well…

  3. sfernald says:

    Congrats. Isn’t it amazing how rewarding these 48 hour contests can be? Sometimes all it takes is just forcing you to do something and the results are amazing?

    I’m really surprised Fgl and kongregate did nothing for you? Do you think the game took off from new grounds or did you use one of those programs that spams the game to 1000 sites or something? In terms of promotion, what do you attribute the success to? Btw, did you score 4 or 5 figures on your deal? You can tell us that 😉

    • Sos says:

      I scored 3 figures, but still, I wasn’t expecting that at all! And the spread of the game was not expected too. I spammet like a dozen of sites, and the rest just got the swf from *somewhere*. I’m pretty happy for that 😉 But I could have prepared the game for that if I knew that’s gonna happen (e.g. by putting my email there).

      Actually… I scolded a guy for hosting the game on a site that allows you to rehost it with his ads, but I’m guess I was more angry at his service at all… Also, he’s listed as ‘author’. But he’s polish, like me, so I guess we’ll setlle this the polish way 😛

  4. LegacyCrono says:

    Good job, Sos! Can’t wait for the sequel! 😀
    Ps: Will it be Peddler Man’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure?

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