Play Against the Wall – Post-Competition Update

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May 24th, 2011 12:32 pm

So the scores are in and LD20 has come to a close! Though I didn’t get any awards, I’m happy that I scored some points for innovation. Now that voting is over, I’ve decided to share the post-compo version of the game. I’ve fixed most of the gameplay issues that plagued my entry and likely led to its reduced score. Here is an overview of what I’ve added:

  • The word now procedurally generates itself as the player moves through it, making it effectively infinite.
  • Sounds for player movement, the environment, and brick movement.
  • A skybox, windmill building, new models, and other artistic elements.
  • A messaging/menu system that provides a minimal tutorial.
  • Character scripts that have reduced sensitivity, better handling mechanics, etc.

To come:

  • Options screen so that players can tweak controls and a/v settings.
  • Inventory system.
  • Elevators, roads, shops, farms, and new brick types.
  • Story/NPCs etc.

It’s been fun working on this project, and I’ve learned a great deal in terms of game design and programming. Check out the game’s website for future updates and downloadable versions of the game. I’d like to hear your feedback!

2 Responses to “Play Against the Wall – Post-Competition Update”

  1. AtkinsSJ says:

    I managed to miss this before. Fun mechanic! I’d be interested to see how you could extend upon it though.
    Maybe some kind of autosave that plonks you back where you were before you fell off would be good, as a way of improving the quicksave. But yeah, enjoyed it!

  2. moltanem2000 says:

    This was great. Having that house thing up for no reason there was somehow far grater motivation than any story could have given to climb. having a fair bit to explore once inside was nice as well.

    Only complaint is not being able to walk on the windmill thing.

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