“Take This Triangle” Micro Post-mortem

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May 22nd, 2011 11:34 pm

Just a few hours left. Time to post-mortem my game…
Take This Triangle is a 2d defense game inspired by vector graphics from the old-school. Spring physics from the new-school, and doobers from the school of Zynga.
TTT was written in C/C++ using SDL and completed in the 48 hour period and is playable on OSX and Windows here. If you want to play it on another platform it should compile just fine.

Figure 1: Estimated Time Usage

What Went Right

1. Vector Graphics

A massive amount of time was freed up by choosing to focus on what I don’t suck at (writing code, play testing games) and dodging what I do suck at (trying to be an artist).

2. Fun Core Mechanic

Dragging a springy things is fun. Clicking on doobers is fun. These two mechanics together worked well.

3. Small Scope

I managed to avoid feature-creeping the game or trying to undertake something too complex for the given time frame. Executing a small idea well is much preferable to a executing a larger, broader, but more rushed idea.


What Went Wrong

1. Starting at Zero

When the competition began I had an IDE and an zero base code. It took a few hours before I could begin writing game code. Preparation is key.

2. Distractions

Staying focused is always hard. I spent a lot of time doing other things (including sleeping) instead of remaining on task. See figure 1.

3. Polishing Too Late

I wish I had started improving  the art and adding particle effects in earlier. A screen shake, glowey lines, more particles, more feedback on the dragging / aiming, more tweaks to the difficulty curve, badass grid effects. Sooo many small things I would have liked to polish.



Over all the process was enjoyable. I am proud of my game, it is one of the few experiments I have made that I find myself returning to in order to kill a few minutes.

Please check it out!!!

As always, LD was a learning experience for me.

Amazing to see so many great ideas executed by so many awesome people. Enthusiasm and skills abound in this little indie community!

Great work everyone.

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