New Version: how to be a girl

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May 17th, 2011 6:41 am

how to be a girl, my LD20 jam entry, has been updated. I suppose I could call it ‘how to be a better girl’ now, or something. I dunno.

The game’s jam page is here. Or you can go straight to the updated version here.

After recovering from LD20 I decided to spend this past week adding to how to be a girl in an attempt to make it feel more complete.  So what did I do?

I added endings. Plural. Not that I expect anyone to put up with the game long enough to see them all (there’s three). I think the main thing I took away from the feedback I got, was the game lacked a sense of closure (it really did). I’m not sure if the endings I’ve added quite do the trick. I could probably do better. One of the endings in the game works pretty well for me, the others possibly less so. Who knows, I may come back to the game in a while and fix them up. Maybe not; they’ll quite possibly stay as they are.

I also added a couple more interruptions for a tiny bit more variety. This is a very minor addition since the interruptions are all functionally the same.

Perhaps the biggest addition, at least in terms of the amount of time it took me, is music. I spent most of the past week recording and editing. I’m quite happy with how the soundtrack turned out, so you download it here, or from the game’s website, if you want (you probably won’t like it). The download includes a couple tracks which did not find a place in the game. I would maybe have used them for a couple of the endings, except their length would have caused a fairly large increase to the game’s (file)size.

If anyone’s wondering, the only program I used in creating the music was Audacity, with a few plug-ins. The music is all thumb piano (played by me) and noise. For the most part all of the noises are recorded sounds that I applied various effects to (the only non-recorded noise is the buzzing crescendo shared by the two tracks that are not in the game).

Give it a play, if you wish, and leave some feedback, if you so desire.

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  1. stqn says:

    The buzzing noise during the conversation was fun (the first time), and I liked the game, but you are right: I got tired of it before seeing any ending.

  2. I don’t understand… it should let me skip the conversations between the girls. It’s frustrating and doesn’t really keep the player’s interest (not mine anyways).

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