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May 11th, 2011 11:24 am

Okay, that was a first and that was quite short, but I did participate ! From the 8 hours I had left from the week end (3 hours saturday between diapers stuff and few hours monday evening, before throwing all I had eaten, no no, no more details), it was interesting to think what idea and what game could possibly be done from the theme “Its’ dangerous to go alone ! Take this !”.

From knowing the theme, in the night (3 or 4 am where I live), till the morning (yes, while I was asleep), I thought about the game idea, and what came out was obvious for me: the player must not be alone in his quest, and I do not have time for multiplayer ! Soooooooo.. let’s play multiplayer with one player ! (this guy did not sleep at all, or did he fell on his head ?) And that’s what I wanted to create : other players, or ghosts as you can see them in car race game, that will do exactly as you do, but not at the same time. And to make it useful, the goal is to make THEM shoot the enemy, not your main character, that will be defenseless.

I use Unity3D, it’s very easy to make a prototype with this engine, but I did not use the physics engine a lot, but I tried to use it anyway, that’s the goal of a Ludum Dare, try new things ! So let’s put a first character, let’s control him with arrows, from a side point of view (2D platform like) and make a whole bunch of ghosts linked to this character: as a chain, or a rope you could say. Many tries later (did I mention I did not use the physics engine a lot ? :s ), I had a functional chain following the main character. Quite… not fun ! All the player moves were repeated exactly by the chained elements, with a spring effect, some axis constraints for the position or rotation, but the effect was.. not there. So I tried something else: from the player controller, let’s send the moves and jump events to another controller with a delay, and from this controller, send the events to the next one with a delay, etcaetera, etcaetera.


Ok, this works better ! It’s fun to see the ghosts do the same moves as you do but with a delay, that’s little pets following you, wait.. following not every move ! Okay, key touches are not exactly the type of events you can store and send very easily, and even if it’s working well in most cases, all pets do not follow the main character, and more important : how can they do exactly the same moves when there are mountains, jumps over rivers, and so on ? Let’s add a simple AI: tell the pets to move closer to the main character if there are too far away, and that’s the new target !

Quickly, this first prototype worked well, I was pleased to see the result: all the pets moving around the main character :) But there is no goal at this game ! Erh.. Wait, it’s sunday evening and I have to change my new born son diapers.. okay, let’s say the compo is over for me, I will post it tomorrow evening, after my work day.

It’s quiet in this world, there is nothing to hear, and the built terrain from the wonderful terrain builder in Unity is shiny ! Let’s create some music, oh wait: I’m no musician ! Okay, I’ve got garageband on my mac, let’s play with it ! Cool, there’s some very good sample, at least I like them, and that’s create an “ambiance” that do not fit at all with the environment I created. Let’s start over… the environment, that will be faster than recreate a music ! Dark sky, new terrain, new Island ambiance, I like that ! But that’s not enough to have a playable game…

It’s dangerous, so there must be monsters to kill ! It had some so freaky smart monsters (red cubes that jumps and goes towards everything near it) and a simple counter, and voilĂ  ! Hum, okay, there should be a portal to the next level or something to make a good transition, let’s add a particules system, let’s make it red first, and it will turn green when all monsters are killed ! That went well, it’s easy with Unity, but it was already late, and I started to feel very tired, so the green portal has never been coded, but at least I could add a “title screen”, a “game over screen” and a “you won screen”.

That was short : I tried a few things new, I enjoyed doing this and I submitted a game: that’s something I’m proud of, even if I do not like very much the result (there is no polish. at. all.).

So, let’s put the right link for the web playable version, and here’s some instructions :

– turn on the speakers,

– use the arrows to move,

– use space bar to jump,

– kill all monsters,

You’re done !

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