Post Mortem – Bonifaco’s Bazaar

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May 9th, 2011 10:55 am


This was my second LD and I’ve partaken in numerous Allegro Speedhacks before so I was quite used to the format and knew what I was getting into. I also had the fortune to have a completely empty schedule for the entire dare, so I could go into it 100%.

I choose to go with AS3, because that what I program in daily but I hadn’t used Flixel before. In retrospect it absolutely speeded up my development but  I don’t think I will use it again as it didn’t really match my coding style. All in all I’m pretty happy with the outcome even if it came out a bit too difficult.

You can try out the game here:

What went wrong
– scope
The original idea had way too many features that of course didn’t make it in the end. I had planned everything from magic weapons to hordes of different enemies but in the end only melee and ranged weapons. In addition to this every little fighter is simulated with too much detail. They have damage levels, different weapon skills, and other preferences that the player never sees. This could all have been removed with out affecting the game, saving a lot of time.

– balancing
When the game eventually was playable I realized that it would be a nightmare to balance. All the little things that controlled the fighters, merchants and soldiers made the inner workings way too complex. Changing on variable had unforeseeable results which in the end kept me from even trying.

– scheduling
I sat working way too many hours without taking any breaks. Not good. This made me very tired and I had difficulties tying everything together in the end.

What went right
– idea
The idea of running a shop came almost right away and I was quite fond of it. I hoped that the supply idea and the whole balancing act as a weapons supplier would work good enough to build around. It did work out fairly well I think and I think the choices presented to the player are interesting enough with room for improvement.

– graphics
I aimed pretty low for the graphics and just wanted to have something that was recognizable. I used breaks in coding to spend time on improving the graphics and I think it works well for what it is.

– difficulty
Even if the game is set at ‘developer difficulty’ and it wasn’t really intended, I must say I quite like it that way. It is relentlessly difficult, but still fair enough to the player and it always feels doable to win. At least next time you play.

That’s it! As I’m currently reviewing and rating all the entries I’m amazed by the rich and creative spectra. Good work all!

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  1. jonbro says:

    So good man. I think if you tuned this up you could get a few gold coins for it on FGL. One of my FACS from the Compo. I was really impressed with the quality of your source for a 48h Compo. I was reading it to see if I could figure out how to win :)

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