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May 9th, 2011 7:04 am

Since some of the entries get a LOT of comments i feel that we should put some of the not so famous entries into the spotlight. This is a list of all entries and the number of comments they have received. It was quite interesting  (and sad)  that so many (42) entries was almost ignored getting less than 2 comments and that 16 entries got no comments at all.

So, let’s see to it that everyone gets some feedback by the end of the voting period =)

0 LD20X6: Initialisms by whitelynx(2)
0 Mary’s Awesome Adventure by brainiac256(8)
0 Matt’s Trial Dungeon by matt9837(0)
0 Only for voting by vladp(0)
0 Quest for the enlightenment by medice(0)
0 Right Thing. Right Time. by chinchang(2)
0 Soul Keeper [ fixed link ] by floko(0)
0 Space Adventures In Space by lord-tim(0)
0 Square City [jam only] by oberhamsi(0)
0 Super Fat Man by wweemmnn(0)
0 The Creek by petermd(0)
0 The Legend of Iowa by synthecism(0)
0 Torches by condr(0)
0 UpdateGames by samuellevy(0)
0 Violent Security Essentials by slowxm(0)
0 Zombieland by panbake(0)
1 A Sword and His Hero by rtward(0)
1 A Unnamed Whale Adventure by anthonyl(0)
1 Brik by alexandersshen(0)
1 DudeBlob by agnulf(0)
1 Escape Alone by guns_are_toys(0)
1 Fearless journalist version 0.9 by nguillemot(0)
1 From the wreck of HMS Lightning… by arowx(0)
1 G.R.A.N.T. Device by emptyflash(1)
1 GunHack by samuraiforever(0)
1 Hoot & Annie by uncade(0)
1 Hot Potato by gbgames(0)
1 House of Dangerous Kittens by spoon(7)
1 Icarus’ Descent by 8bitmuse(0)
1 Insert Rupy and take th… take something by tut-tuuut(3)
1 It’s dangerous to “go” alone. by tehalynn(2)
1 It’s Dangerous to Fall Alone by tfendall(0)
1 It’s Too Dangerous To Go Alone Take This Shotgun a.k.a Not The Game We Wanted To Make by spleeny(0)
1 Its not dangerous anymore by goatfactory(0)
1 KingsExercise by cornedor(0)
1 LD72 by fredericrp(0)
1 So I herd u liek memetics (Also Comic Sans) by nandrew(0)
1 The Invasion of The Blobs by philhassey(1)
1 The Way Home by pdyxs(0)
1 towlrAlone by redbone(1)

2 Bacoon by twistedjoe(2)
2 Branding Iron by felipe-budinich(1)
2 Going Alone by bjorgen(0)
2 I can haz sword? by shadow(0)
2 It’s dangerous to go alone! (Jam entry) by t8000(0)
2 Soap by voleman(1)
2 Spark by superdeath(1)
2 The Dark Diversion by geeze(0)
2 Their Finest Space Pixel by initials(0)
3 A Colourless World by kermamrek(0)
3 Backtalk by spark(0)
3 Cave Of Cursors by xedfire(2)
3 Cleansing by rayn(0)
3 Dangerous by carstenccc(0)
3 Fight This! by parserk(0)
3 Incomplete Rope by gopher(3)
3 Inventory of One by davecheesefish(0)
3 Isolation by mitch(0)
3 My Hero Factory by luc(0)
3 Old Man Village by bwr(3)
3 Overdead by vvheris(0)
3 Party Favours by eddiecameron(2)
3 POLARITY by schonstal(1)
3 PuddiPuddiPlatform by zzorn(8)
3 Screw you Amazon! by dividebyzero(4)
3 Wait For Me by gibble(0)
3 Wizards of the Brew by aagrapsas(0)
4 “Roger the beer dwarf” by _adan(0)
4 Asteroid Explorer by mcfunkypants(0)
4 Escape from Hazmat Cave by negativegeforce(0)
4 Francis Bacon by madbranch(1)
4 Graphics Are For Losers by kaphonaits(0)
4 Hero, Monster, Boss by oldsatchmo(6)
4 Its Dangerous to go Alone! Take BUBBA! by jojo_2nd(4)
4 Kokoriki for Ludum Dare by adeluiz(0)
4 Lady Save Yourself!!! by joekinley(12)
4 Mystery Mansion (DO NOT JUDGE YET) by killswitch(0)
4 Protocol Droids Get No Respect by recursor(13)
4 S by neonlare(0)
5 “Tower Defense” by dmurph(1)
5 Acid by milo(3)
5 An Old Man And His Quest by covenant(0)
5 Aussie Puncharoo by avatare(0)
5 brotherhood by localcoder(19)
5 Bunker 69 by septi(1)
5 CatTroller by rockdtben(1)
5 Cheese Hunter by kvisle(4)
5 Crawl Alone by yezu(3)
5 Danger at US Robotics by rgbdreamer(3)
5 Don’t Go Alone by luthwyhn(0)
5 Elders Items by gamemakingdude(9)
5 Hooj by caribou(1)
5 I Hate Games With Powerups! by pauloseamano(0)
5 It’s dangerous to be the King! by venzon(18)
5 Killer Bees by joshuatree0587(0)
5 RELIEF!! by vandriver(9)
5 Solo Adventurers’ Hospital by chrisp(10)
5 Song of Adventure Day (sAd) by misfitbyte(2)
5 Space Bombers by john(0)
5 Space Danger by mrwonko(0)
5 Squid Squares by 7soul(1)
5 Stalwart Umbrella Chronicles by anthelion(0)
5 Tanks a Lot, Old Man by frimkron(2)
5 The Adventures of Adam We by adamwe(0)
5 The This Quest by endurion(93)
6 Crazy Ball by armetis(0)
6 Dragon Island by danielzoran(0)
6 Egglins Attack by sandcrawler(0)
6 Fishing vs Aliens by shockedfrog(1)
6 Forge Story by tusongtupa(7)
6 Grab a Jetpack or You Will Die by fenriswolf(0)
6 Here, have a spaceship! by bear(0)
6 how to be a girl by cosr(12)
6 It’s dangerous to go alone, take these shiny things! by neilo(6)
6 Lasers Are Dangerous by hectigo(7)
6 Lone Tank by mwest(22)
6 Misunderstood by rancune(0)
6 Organs and Marriage by wademcgillis(3)
6 PSYCHOSOCK by manofdoom(4)
6 Recursive Questing by johnicholas(5)
6 Robot Village by quadtree(0)
6 SpaceJump by 1009(0)
6 Stab the guy in the bushes by nilstastic(15)
6 Summon heroes to go home by gornova(0)
6 Take This Convoy by kylerhoades(8)
6 TAKE THIS!!! by sonnybone(43)
6 Ted, the singleminded adventurer by ghostonline(0)
6 The Extinct Fireplace by frugle(0)
6 The Last Robot Standing by jfroco(10)
7 Before Evil Come by matrixbai(1)
7 Boomerang ! by nuz(0)
7 Codename: Taken by arielsan(5)
7 Crunchies by code_glitch(2)
7 CUBOC by badlogic(2)
7 Doctor Whoops and the Running Fellow by fiona(0)
7 Fear of the Dark by rialgar(1)
7 Fiat Lux by k4orta(0)
7 Hammer Time by gambitsunob(0)
7 Hammerspace by darkedge(0)
7 I’m in a Tub!! by masterhyjinx(0)
7 It is Dangerous to Go Alone in the Dark by fueelin(1)
7 Leaving the Vault by johncolburn(1)
7 Light The Way by killedbyapixel(2)
7 My Minions by treeman(8)
7 Pitch In by cambrian_man(1)
7 Questling by flyboy(3)
7 Red by madpew(0)
7 Shotgun by id0001(4)
7 Spider Babies by blitzgren(0)
7 Spud by adramalech(12)
7 Square Vs. Blobs by erik(29)
7 Squaretackular! by rolfeth(6)
7 Take this cloning device and multiply yourself by balooga03(0)
7 Take This Or Die by vooodooo(0)
7 Take this! (and everything else) by petzi(2)
7 Talisman by rawktron(0)
7 Trashman by cidolfas(0)
7 WHALE of a TALE by mortar(0)
7 Wurrums by gobo(13)
8 A boy and his monstertruck annhilation by toto1411(0)
8 A Portrait of my Curious World by wish-i-was-an-astronaut(0)
8 Another Dimension by slapunas(1)
8 Another Rainy Day by pireninjacolass(0)
8 Cave: The Dark Ascent by sythiri(0)
8 Change of Heart by sfernald(2)
8 Courier of the Crypts by blodyavenger(7)
8 Deadweight by ctz(0)
8 Deathbot Love by zutty(0)
8 Eminence by kurtwaldowski(0)
8 Get the flock out of here! by phaed(3)
8 It’s Dangerous: The Escort Quest by nitrik(6)
8 Laser cats VS Zombie rats by redien(2)
8 LD20: Alone by superpig(0)
8 Liquid Choices by deanoc(1)
8 Space Genocide by thelolrus(0)
8 Syrup by syrup(2)
8 The Dark by schme16(0)
8 The Village Elder by rolf(6)
8 Too Many Pixies in Pixel Town by taybenlor(5)
9 … Take This Triangle!!! by kevlarx(1)
9 A Colorful Man by thristhart(9)
9 c by karethoth(0)
9 CaveBot by pjpdev(0)
9 Das Sad by zemmi(3)
9 Diagnosis by thatsnail(1)
9 Elidia by brandoncash(2)
9 EscapeBot by ahnimal(0)
9 Guinea Pig Warrior by tonic(5)
9 It’s Time by vrld(1)
9 Loonadrift by ryantouk(21)
9 Ludum by fenmar(6)
9 Many Small Hands by aa(0)
9 Ngurvilar in the Temple Of Bastet by mjb67(18)
9 Rainy Day by moops(1)
9 Robber Attack by superyoshi(0)
9 SHARE by farfin(0)
9 SkyFall by headchant(0)
9 Surrounded by rasherb2(0)
9 TelePortal by robinx(0)
9 The Dimension by highquality(2)
9 Urguff by lerc(0)
9 Void Runner by fireslash(7)
9 Zom by liquidash(8)
10 A Really Big Rock (Compo Release) by natenaterson(0)
10 Auto by tzachs(7)
10 Bad Hotel by jonbro(28)
10 Eunaborb by krang213(0)
10 Finely Tuned Corridormabob by skintkingle(0)
10 Ghast by mchnzr(2)
10 It’s dangerous to take this … go alone! by zaphos(0)
10 It’s dangerous to take this, go alone. by pdehaan(0)
10 Mine Escape by char(1)
10 Monsters Dont Like Water by manuel777(5)
10 N3: Name Not Needed by nutink(1)
10 Postman Chicky! by pythong(10)
10 Princess Mystery Dungeon by philomory(5)
10 Retrace by hulahulahest(0)
10 Speculum by joszs(2)
10 Take This Penguin by meep(1)
10 The ADD RPG by zlash(9)
10 The Alone Sword by psysal(4)
10 The Legend of Zelda on Budget Cuts by mrudoy(7)
10 Tim: Legends by morganquirk(6)
10 Total Achluophobia by queaw(0)
10 Who Goes There? by orangy-tang(17)
10 You Cannot Beat This Game by markit(0)
11 Armageddon Moochery by mintman(16)
11 B.Y.O.B by encryptedshadow(0)
11 Choppa’, Run to thee! by billknye(17)
11 Chronos by bmfs(6)
11 Condom Corps by radiatoryang(3)
11 Danger! Take. by excitemike(0)
11 Fish With Weapon by aymes(7)
11 Heroic Cat! by frib(7)
11 I Don’t Need Your Stupid Weapons by fifth(6)
11 It’s dangerous to “go” alone! Take this. by zachstronaut(14)
11 Legend Of The Sord by snowyowl(4)
11 Lonely Pods by k_wright(10)
11 Monophobia by eld(4)
11 Never Go Alone by quinnius(0)
11 Nitro Racer by stigrv(18)
11 Pludum Dary by raver1975(1)
11 Rainbow_Riding_Hood by mr_hk_(2)
11 Sonar by nugsy(0)
11 Thank You Hobo by icenine(7)
11 The Legend of Mulida by norashishi(1)
11 Trollbridge Armours by tomk32(15)
12 A Robot’s Adventure by papercutdoom(0)
12 Ant General by whizzter(0)
12 Dodgeball Massacre by falcon256(0)
12 Furious Fighting Felines by acodegerm(0)
12 Gemini by knighty(2)
12 Have You Considered the Benefits of Life Insurance by crackerblocks(15)
12 It’s Not Easy Being Muammar by badgerpriest(0)
12 Item Quest by djcsdy(6)
12 Jump Climb Die by cybs(4)
12 Kobold Goes Alone by nmccoy(0)
12 Misplaced by someone(18)
12 Nano Seed by machinas(2)
12 Penguins vs Aliens by zandagames(0)
12 Priority Cats by brighterorange(1)
12 SINGLEHANDEDLY by elpizo(2)
13 A Tiny Sin by true-valhalla(0)
13 Ascent of Kings by ladron(26)
13 Bloboy’s journey by sempai(1)
13 Bottoms Up! by fatality674(2)
13 Brass Monkey by fishbrain(6)
13 City Collision III by dwrensha(0)
13 Forever Alone by mixmax2(1)
13 L by nitram_cero(0)
13 LD #20 by chamberlainpi(2)
13 Multiplayer Zombie Garden Adventure by goffmog(0)
13 My little selling shop on Earth by bender(1)
13 PandaBot by little-angel(12)
13 Phantom Keeper by 31eee384(2)
13 Sprung by shiftingparadigms(7)
13 Super Shotgun Deathrace by qrunchmonkey(20)
13 The Last of the Nyoms (Prologue) by quickfingers(15)
13 The Legend of Danger Kitten by strd6(17)
13 The Legend of Old Man by eli(34)
13 Throwbots by cirrial(30)
13 Woplin by stephenm3(5)
14 Air Pirates by hamster_mk_4(17)
14 Atomic Pinball by toeofdoom(0)
14 Danger Lawn by cooshinator(0)
14 Everything is Sand by airwaffle(2)
14 hollow by jsmars(32)
14 Mittens by vascof(0)
14 Myrktorch by gugugu(2)
14 Overcoming danger with trees by desmont(3)
14 Resurgon Futuron by drpetter(13)
14 The World Above by danik(22)
14 Unknown Planet by stalker_23b(5)
14 Unlimit by jrrt(2)
15 A Steampunk Axebot Supply Run by matthias_zarzecki(45)
15 Dungeon Runners by valandre(1)
15 Hagerbot by ajhager(0)
15 Innocence by legacycrono(2)
15 mainFrank by andreibarsan(1)
15 Pathfinder by jimjam(1)
16 Drum Hammer Dig by trialbyfun(3)
17 >Start >Fight >Run by bentosmile(3)
17 Clone Wolf by jarnik(5)
17 Diamond Hollow by arkeus(0)
17 Hangman by mattdev(3)
17 Save The Cats by epaik(2)
17 The Legend Of Super Grapple! by bluescrn(0)
17 Tornado by devinmoore(4)
17 Waterfall Rescue by switchbreak(28)
18 Take One of These by yrael(45)
19 Attack of The Heavenly Bats by sos(0)
19 CAT in the city by athanazio(22)
19 Dangerous Dan by drunkenorc(2)
19 Duple! by hexygen(9)
19 Dwarvenly by andrewbc(1)
19 Entity by leafthief(0)
19 Robots nicked my stuff! by tayron(0)
19 Take This by dadads(8)
19 ZombieRunner…Ware by telluse(97)
20 OUT OF HERE by grungi-ankhfire(30)
20 Quaintbrush by jesse-chand(0)
20 Red by elbowroom(97)
20 Take It Take It Take This by rikkard(17)
20 Tri by ratking(9)
21 A Spawn Named Bob by sirgustav(0)
21 Block Push Championship by increpare(10)
21 Don’t Go Alone by pgil(8)
21 Lonely Fortress by winterblood(59)
21 Take This by jovoc(0)
21 Torch by alexlarioza(39)
22 Breathing Room by shauninman(0)
22 the Child by Dark Acre Jack(281)
22 The Heart is Safe by intmain(0)
23 p.i.g by zillix(4)
24 4 TEMPLES by razzberries(0)
24 A fine day in the parking lot by doktor-ace(0)
24 Better You Than ME! by lingmops(20)
24 Curse Of The Golden Pearl by hamumu(5)
24 Dangerous II by smsadventure(0)
24 Officer Alfred by hempuli(6)
24 Yhn by jhelle(22)
25 Bonifaco’s Bazaar by johanp(9)
25 Let Me Save You! Your Faithful Companion by nyaa(1)
26 The Last Survivor by bennuk(1)
27 Against the Wall by mpc174(29)
27 Wild Forest by haqu(11)
28 Legend of Parasite by draknek(7)
28 VIGILANCE by randomnine(46)
30 Grave Robbers by adamatomic(0)
37 “Alone” by natpat(5)
82 Appy 1000mg by deepnight(2)

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15 Responses to “Comment statistics, leave no one behind!”

  1. I’ve been playing the Jam games recently and it’s kind of sad to see them largely ignored in favor of the compo entries.

    It’s interesting because I find that many of the Jam games have a naturally higher level of polish and playability because of the additional team-member effort and/or extended time limit.

    But it would seem that wrangling feedback out of people is endemic across the Internet anyways, I wouldn’t see how it would be any different here… (I blogged recently about this:

    Guess it goes with the territory.

  2. ryantouk says:

    I’ll try to play a lot of these in the next two weeks. Many of them look great.

    Just wondering, what do the (numbers) next to each username mean?

  3. Martoon says:

    Nothing to add, here; just wanted to comment.

  4. Martoon says:

    Actually, I do have one observation to add. Notice that all the entries with zero comments start with the letters L through Z? Every entry starting with A through K received at least one comment, and there’s an overall trend of entries closer to the beginning of the alphabet receiving more votes and comments. I’m sure this is because the entries are listed alphabetically. It would be nice if the View All page sorted by number of votes and/or comments received.

  5. nilstastic says:

    Dark Acre Jack>> True, a lot of the jam-games has no/few comments, even though they look and play well. But, i have noted that some of the entries are “please install pygame, compile, etc” and more often then not the author has not bothered to comment anyone else’s game. (you reap what you sow i guess)

    ryantouk>> They represent the number of comments the users themselves have posted on other games. =)

    Martoon>> Agree, i would think that the earlier you end up the better, but sorting them in votes/comments would only do things worse. Random sorting during voting is the only way =)

    In conclusion, I would think that the following determines the amount of comments you’ll get.
    1. “Aardvark stories” will get more comments than “Zebra quest”.
    2. If you comment other peoples games, you’ll receive comments back.
    3. Blog entries during the competition (this i’ll try try to confirm later).
    4. A pretty picture
    5. Lists that display all the games sorted on comments..
    6. Perhaps interesting postmortems?

    • natpat says:

      I can vouch for 6 – quite a few of the post mortems have made me want to play their games. :)

      • recursor says:

        I too have ended up checking out several games solely because of their post-mortem writeup.

      • mwest says:

        I agree that many of the postmortems make me want to go play, but I think the timing on the post-mortem is also important – I posted mine directly after submitting my game (10 minutes before the deadline) and it didn’t seem to do much for me :(…

    • jonbro says:

      The biggest thing for me is “does it run on osx”, which generally means “is it flash / unity”. I made the mistake of building my game as a downloadable for my first LD, and my comments have doubled on this one just by doing that change. I recognize that not everyone has the programming chops for writing in flash, but it isn’t that much of a leap.

  6. ratking says:

    Martoon: “It would be nice if the View All page sorted by number of votes and/or comments received.” <- or even random!

    • recursor says:

      In addition I’d like to see the ones I have already rated sorted to the bottom of the list.

      • recursor says:

        I’m speaking of course about the per-user list of compo games where it shows the scores we have given each game. In addition, it would be nice to have some sort of list for the jam games that would do the same thing but with comments instead. It would help me more easily keep track of the jam games i need to look at (assuming I leave a comment for those I have played).

  7. As usual people abused the “sort” algorithm.

    This alpha-sort-effect is everywhere on the web: check out any flash game portal, any app store, any company name directory or game search result online will feature more activity (and sales!) near the letter A. Alpha sort always dominates. So sad, but so true.

    Start checking around: if your game doesn’t start with A (or better yet, punctuation) you are losing sales.

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