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May 6th, 2011 12:09 pm

I compiled a spreadsheet of all the games that can be played from the web for easy voting access.

Web Playable Games

Also, because I’m a fan of data, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a technology and platform survey to gather stats on what tools, frameworks, and distribution channels LD participants are using. If there’s enough interest we can work together to get a survey up (and if something like this already exists, that’s even better!).

15 Responses to “Quick Links for Web Games”

  1. LegacyCrono says:

    Nice job!
    About the survey, stigrv already collected and compiled a spreadsheet:

    • Thanks for pointing that out! I was just doing a simple query of links that contained “web” but now I’ve included “online”, “flash”, and “html” to the params so it should be in there now.

  2. AAGrapsas says:

    Waaait, mine is missed, too :(

    Wizards of the Brew. It’s flash :)

  3. Arowx says:

    Any chance categories could be added for language/engine/platform to the site?

    PS ‘from the wreck of HMS Lightning’ is a Unity based game.

  4. jsmars says:

    Seams like web games are the only games which actually get a lot of reviews :/

  5. matthias_zarzecki says:

    nice work.

  6. pekuja says:

    I think the “All Links” page already does a pretty decent job of making web games easier to find, although I will admit that it’s kinda hidden (link at the bottom of the All Entries page):


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