A lot of things went very, very right in this competition.

  • The theme. I loved the theme, tbh. It was wide enough to give flexibility, but still had some coherence. I really enjoyed the theme, a lot more than anything else like “girl games” or “absorb.”
  • Graphics. By choosing to stick to the NES palette and limit myself to 4 colors – including transparency – for everything, I really was able to keep a consistent graphical style and I pulled it off so well, that I found it more visually appealing than games with literally 256 million colors.
  • Sound. I was actually able to mix my own sound for the first time, thanks to a program I recently came across (sfxr bro, sup) and this did nothing but further complement the graphical style and general play of the game.
  • Gameplay, definitely. This went so well I could cry with joy. I’ve never had a game turn out this solid in a while- and it’s got everything – no, MORE than what I had intended initially. It was just going to be one final boss then bam, that’s it. Instead it’s got two mini-bosses and a final boss with an epic escape bit (if you play the game on hard like you should). I never thought I could do a fully playable Metroidvania in 48 hours. The first game I ever made (full length, that is. shitty pong clones don’t count) was a lot like this, years ago, and it took me at least a year to complete. I just topped it in 2 days.
  • Time. I didn’t treat it as 2 days of dev time, I treated it as 48 hours of dev time. That really helped me pack in everything I needed to. I didn’t have to keep ideas small-scale, I firmly said “I’m making a badass Metroidvania,” and had enough time to do it.


Sadly, not everything was as planned.

  • The length. I wanted the minimum play time for my game to be at least half an hour. I can run through and beat it in five minutes or less. Of course, it’s hard to get that out of 48 hours, but hell. I tried. XD
  • The music. There was none. And there should’ve been.
  • The theme. Well, mostly my fault. I loved the theme, but I suck at story telling in-game, especially when I wind up shoehorning it in. Now it’s hard to tell what the theme was for the game, and I could’ve pulled that off a lot better.  That’s my one thing.

Now, for non-competition purposes, I do plan on releasing a few updates to this game. Mostly fixes and a little new content, so those of you who really enjoyed it can squeeze a little more out of it. The engine was so solid I’d hate to let it die with the competition.


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