“Postmortem”? Is that what it’s called?

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May 3rd, 2011 11:02 am

I wanted to base my gameplay on the theme, rather then come up be a game beforehand and shoehorn the theme into it. So I came up with different games for most of the themes from the final round of voting, and thankfully the winning theme was one I was happy with.

The idea is that the main character is sort of weak and can not kill enemies, and you have a partner who covers the main characters weaknesses. The “Take this” thing made it seem like “this” should not be a person, so I made the partner be a robot. Once I decided that, coming up with the different abilities for each character was easy, I just had to ask myself “How’s a robot different from a human?”, and based the abilities on that.

I think Stage 2 is the only level where it makes you actually feel the theme “It’s dangerous to go alone”, since it’s the only stage where you have to separate from your robot buddy for a short while. When Gem is alone, you have to avoid enemies rather than just shooting them from afar. I wish I made more levels like this, to further express the theme.

Some things I’m unhappy with, would be the lack of levels and music. I knew I wouldn’t get any music done before the compo even started, but I love game music and it’s set’s the mood for the game, so I’m sad I couldn’t make anything. This was my first Ludum Dare and it was pretty lax. I didn’t work super-hard or get stressed at all, but because of that I think I didn’t get enough done as I wanted to.

I’m pretty happy with the graphics, I made every sprite less than 16×16 because I thought it would be faster and easier, but if I continue to make this game, I won’t set such a limit on myself.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the result, just a few thing’s I could have done better. See the game here.


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