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May 3rd, 2011 2:19 am

Sorry about posting this again, but it probably got lost in the traffic and I didn’t get any answers…

What’s the current policy on bug fixes?

People have found a couple of bugs on my entry so far (one pertaining ambient light levels, the other the behavior of the ESC key)… I’m I allowed to correct these bugs (since the first one kind of ruins the second level, and the other is just silly)?

I also have another bug concerning full screen (if the resolution is not that of the desktop, it just shows a black screen), would like to fix that so that people don’t have to edit a text file…

I remember we had some compos that allowed for bug fixes after the end, but I’m not sure what’s the current status…

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  1. nilstastic says:

    My personal opinion is that no buxfixes should be allowed no matter how serious they are. My entry has issues with the game playing on 600fps on som some machines as well as a number of other “minor” problems (getting stuck in walls, background shownig through the parallax etc) but it would be unfair if i could fix them after the deadline since i decided that i should spend the last hours of the compo on making the game fun instead of bugtesting. =)

    BUT, since porting a game to windows is allowed after the deadline, i suppose that porting the game to different hardware (ie. making a game run on ati cards) is allowed, which would allow me to fix the 600fps bug but not the parallax bug (since it’s due to me scrolling 0.5px every frame and not 1px every other frame). =)

  2. nilstastic says:

    Also, this should be a sticky since the status on this seems a bit unclear. I work with 0 and 1, I need rules! =)

  3. Covenant says:

    Yeah same…
    Thing is that LD is not a programming competition, so fixing “major” bugs should be allowed. Things that qualify as major bugs:
    – Application not running on some platform because of compatibility issues
    – Graphic/audio glitches caused by compatibility issues
    – Logic bugs that not affect gameplay mechanics (flow related things, like main menu to load game to game to game over, etc)

    Things that don’t qualify as major bugs:
    – Level design stuff
    – Game design stuff
    – Assets
    – Logic bugs pertaining to gameplay mechanics

    My rationale for this is the fact that again, LD is not about programming… it’s about game design and fast implementation, and losing most of your target audience because of a silly bug that most of the time you couldn’t test beforehand is frustrating…

    I have my bugfixed version ready, I’d just need a “allow”/”disallow” thing so I can upload it…

  4. nilstastic says:

    I would like it if only compability issues were allowed. Regarding menu/logical/gameover bugs, i think that they would have to stay in the competition entry since for me (and a lot of other people) a well put together menu can be a lot of fun to use. It would also make the difference between allowed/not allowed fixes to be more distinct (compability = hardware). =)

    If “It works on my machine” then a fix should be allowed.

  5. Covenant says:

    Well, “a well put together menu can be a lot of fun to use” would be a mechanic change, if you change the menu… If you change it so that the game doesn’t crash when you over a particular zone of the screen while functionally leaving the menu just the same as it was is a bugfix…

    The reason that I think bugfixes should be allowed (at least for a couple of days) is that there’s loads of people using prebuilt engines… those engines minimize the possibilities of fatal errors in relation to those of us who use C (or ASM, etc)… But that isn’t taken in account in the voting, so the technical prowess isn’t evident, so this is not a programming competition…

    But again, we need a yes/no answer… if the answer is no, I’m cool (but sadened) by it…

  6. nilstastic says:

    Agreed that we need a yes/no answer (with a good motivation).

    The way i see the competition is like an exam where you’ll have no chance to correct any error after the time is up and if you forget to sign your name on the paper you’re screwed. Failure motivates =)

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