Not Zip of all games, sorry

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May 2nd, 2011 5:41 am

Final update:  the dang download died at 94%, hit bandwidth cap.  argh! sorry all.  I do have the zip still though.


I created a zip of all the games.  1.5 gigs.  Where do i put that? lol. no idea.

Update: trying to upload to a big file site.  Says they will hold up to 2gb.  says it will take a while, i’ll post the link here when its done.

I tried to zip all of them together, I think I got nearly all but with 305 it’s hard to say for sure without it taking forever to make the zip, and some of the web ones… i’m not sure how it handled those, but the various source/bin archives should all be here.

Note:  For future reference, it would make lives a LOT easier if you name your zip/etc something like your user id + game name, there were many “ld 20” and related and if you have a great downloader, that works, but for me it may have overwritten several of them.

Update: ~20-30 of them had server errors, etc. and so they didn’t get pulled down.  If you added a file, i’d double check it’s upload location because that’s a pretty high number so it could be you got d/l capped or similar.

Also a question: how far can you get in zelda if you don’t “take this”?  Without cheats?


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  1. deepnight says:

    Wow, really great initiative!
    I will download your archive as soon as it will become available. Thanks!

  2. snowyowl says:

    According to this: , if you play Legend Of Zelda without the sword, you can theoretically get all the items and face the final boss. But you can’t defeat him.

  3. Have you tried using ? I think they allow up to 2GB.

  4. NinZine says:

    What about making a torrent?

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