Self-evaluation: Cheese Hunter

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May 2nd, 2011 9:08 am

So, Ludum Dare #20 is over, and voting has started. I intended to write a post where I sum up my thoughts about my own performance.

But first; I want to applaud this community, for being so warm. People are encouraging, and the admins do not accept trolling. Everything is very well organized, and I can’t really see what can be done better. This guarantees for my intent to participate again next LD.

About my own performance;

What went wrong?

I found quite a few bugs in my own basecode, that did cost a lot of time. This is a direct consequence of the basecode being made FOR Ludum Dare, and not being tested on any other real projects.

Basecode lacked some features that would speed up the development. Asset management, a camera, sprite-position correctioning (to be able to easier enter doors when missing them slightly), dialogue system, a standard set of good collision detection algorithms, and probably much more that I can’t recall at once. These are all things that I intend to fix before LD21.

A direct consequence of this shows in my source code, as a great pile of doodoo.

What went well?

I started drawing, and things turned out much better than I expected. I even had an animated main character that worked out decently well – he didn’t get to have an attack animation, though.

I did manage to dedicate the time to do this.

I did finish, and the game is beatable. And I’m very happy for that.

Can I do better? Yes I can, just check out my performance on LD21.

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