And that was Ludum Dare 20

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May 2nd, 2011 8:19 pm


Another record setting event. By the deadline, we had 352 entries (289 Compo, 63 Jam). Pat yourselves on the back everyone, you just participated in something incredible. It blows my mind how much Ludum Dare continues to grow every time we run one. Thank you everyone for being so awesome!

If you had any problems, leave me a comment and I’ll take care of it in the morning (I too am exhausted, hehe). If you need to make any minor cosmetic changes to you page, use this link right here.

Thanks everyone for participating in Ludum Dare 20!

Be sure you come back and rate some games!

20 Responses to “And that was Ludum Dare 20”

  1. Manuel777 says:

    Lovely mr. PoV! we keep bursting record each time! 😀

  2. SonnyBone says:


    It’s only gonna get harder to vote on all these games… and so many games are gonna be skimmed over.

    I keep seeing a trend of 3 or 4 games getting 20 – 60 votes within 48 hours after the compo while others sit at 0 – 3.


  3. SonnyBone says:

    UGH I sound like a whiny baby.


    Ludum Dare is amazing!

    • krang213 says:

      Nice recovery ^_^
      I do agree, though, a lot of games seem to get lost aside a little. That said, let’s all work to get the highest coolness ratings that we can. Think this could be the first Ludum Dare where EVERYBODY GETS 100% COOLNESS? I DO!!!

      Anyway, excellent Dare everybody, thanks again PoV for a good show :)

      • SonnyBone says:

        I usually get 100% coolness, but I don’t expect to EVER see everyone reach that, as not everyone can run every game… and then you have the guys that leave no journal posts and probably never rate a single game. I’m also not up for the idea of FORCING people to vote, because you’re just gonna end up with people rushing through things just to ‘qualify’. I’d rather leave it like it is… so those that wanna play and rate get recognition.

        • localcoder says:

          I worry that ‘coolness’ encourages some people to rush instead of leaving a smaller number of more thoughtful ratings and useful comments.

          I would actually prefer it if ‘coolness’ came from giving great feedback. To me, that’s what the community is about.

          Perhaps coolness should come from a game’s author clicking ‘I like this’ on your comments about their game.

          • Winterblood says:

            Wouldn’t that just encourage fawning positive feedback, rather than honest constructive criticism?

            • localcoder says:

              Kind of – you get to choose the kind of feedback you want. If you only want fawning reviews, you could say “Don’t be mean or I won’t upvote you” in your game’s description.

              But I personally would write “I’m keen to improve, so please leave observations, criticisms, and encouragements!”

  4. Kvisle says:

    I think the admins should pat themselves on the back as well.

    It takes good organizing for something like this to happen.

    It grows at the pace it does, because it’s great.

    Good job!

  5. Mikhail Rudoy says:

    This was my first (not mini) LD and it was great, but there is 1 thing I would really appreciate for next time: some option to take hosting the game off my hands. :)

    • jonbro says:

      if dropbox is available to you, it makes a pretty quick, easy and free solution for hosting. You can also host your game through github, which is free so long as you opensource it. That solution requires slightly more technical wizardry, so if you havn’t done it before you might want to test it out first.

  6. Alan Lynn says:

    My apologies if this has been answered before, but why isn’t there separate voting for jam entries?

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