What can you expect if you play this game?

Well, for one, there’s a lot of explosions. There’s also a lot of enemies and a lot of ways to get torn to shreds. This game may be damaging to your ego if you think you are good at platforming games. It’s influenced very heavily by only the very best adventure platformers, things like Metroid, Megaman and Castlevania.

What shouldn’t you expect?

No stupid tutorials. In the final version I’ll tell you the controls. Other than that it should be common sense. Also, no stupid icy physics for the player. That’s the one thing I’ve hated about games like Mario and Super Meat Boy. How can Mario be a good platformer when he sucks at responding to the player? For this game you’re going to need some very precise footwork, so there’s no room to slip up here.

Essentially, this game is tough as balls. And if it isn’t tough yet, it’s only going to get worse when it’s done.

Download it here, from Mediafire. – http://www.mediafire.com/?6hbui998iz8efyi

Controls are simple. Z jumps, X shoots, Arrow keys move. You can aim up and down.

I’m going to rant about what needs done now, and how likely I am to finish:

  • More rooms. Needs a lot more rooms. It might be about halfway done at most? Either way this feels way too short. Definitely doing this.
  • Bosses. It needs two. Maybe one if I’m in too big a crunch.
  • Plot. Obviously it’s some dude who gets a laser gun, but why? Where is he? Probably gonna cop out on this one and do a one or two frame cutscene.
  • A much, MUCH prettier title screen. Definitely needs this.
  • Higher difficulty. It’s a little steep as it is but I’m going to make the final rooms even more intense.

So far I really like how this could fit the theme after I establish a plot and setting. The dude gets a laser gun, and pretty much everything in the game, sometimes even jumping, revolves around firing the gun. It’d be very dangerous and literally impossible without his weapon.

Sooooo let me know what you guys think and how far you’ve made it in the demo. If you can reach the end (It’s the coolest item in the game, hard to miss) of the demo, then I might throw in a cookie for you in the full version.
Oh, and speaking of the full and finished version, there’ll be cake at the end. I promise.

2 Responses to “SINGLEHANDEDLY — DEMO OUT! — Previously Unnamed”

  1. SonnyBone says:


    I love double jumping with a downward shot. The difficulty is STEEP even on easy, but I suck at playing games with a keyboard for the most part.

    I dig the look, the sounds, and the progression.

    This is gonna be really killer once it’s all wrapped up.


    I got to a door that opened and would not let me through… so I ran back and fell in a lava pit. Not sure exactly how far that is.

    • Elpizo says:

      Thanks very much for the feedback!
      Yeah, the closed door is the end of the demo. XD
      If you go into the upper portion of the room with the locked door you can find the most recently added bits.
      The door is unlocked now, after I get several more rooms done and a boss I’ll begin preparing for the final submission.

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