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May 1st, 2011 10:17 pm

Old news, but a few hours ago I submitted my entry to the competition.

I’m impressed with myself. I single-handedly made a fully playable game about some kid who single-handedly takes down a robot empire with a little pea shooter. And then I named it SINGLEHANDEDLY.

After looking at the other entries I doubt if it will win anything in any category, and that’s not saying anything bad about my game. It’s an honor to be competing with the kind of talent I’ve seen here. What means the most to me right now is that I made a game from start to finish, a bit rough, but I made it and it’s fully playable and packed with decent features. And on top of all that, it’s a FUN game. No doubt, it’s a little uninspired, a generic “Metroidvania,” but you know what? It’s been too long since I’ve played a game this spiritedly simple.

I hope you all have fun playing this game and I look forward to the feedback I hope to get.


Oh, and I might whip something up for the jam. I dunno.


  1. SonnyBone says:

    I loved this when you sent out the demo… can’t wait to play it!

  2. SonnyBone says:

    I agree with you that it’s beautifully simple. Still hard as crap, but that’s cuz I’m used to hitting UP for jump. I keep shooting when I wanna jump. I love the hidden areas and the upgrades.

    So far this is the most fun I’ve had with LD20 games, and I’ve played about 20 or so. I have high hopes for your FUN score.

    I’m sorta confused, though… did you change the start of the game? It doesn’t really seem to fit the theme that well, but I though you had something at the start that gave you the gun? Maybe I’m just tired.

    EITHER WAY… I love this game!

    Thanks for working so hard on it!

  3. Elpizo says:

    Thanks much for the feedback! Let me know when you beat it.

    Nah, there was nothing that gave you the gun. I originally intended to have an old woman give you a flip-flop which you would trade up for a gun, but then I ran into time constraints. :/
    Would’ve been hilarious, though.

  4. dcarol says:

    Your game is great !

    But I’m waiting a great intro with connection to the theme !

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