Progress Screenshot (Molehill+physics!)

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May 1st, 2011 12:45 pm

Here is a little screenshot of some work-in-progress for my Ludum Dare jam game. It features Molehill (Flash 11) hardware accelerated 3d graphics and is using only about 20,000 polies. The terrain is generated on the fly using a heightmap jpeg image and is textured using the “splatting” techniques for detailed textures that fade from one kind to another depending on altitude. The car physics “works” but is rather floaty and (so far) extremely unstable. You can drive around the terrain and perform some crazy huge jumps and stunts, though right now you tend to flip over very easily and can’t die. I’m getting fabulous performance: it never dips below 55fps and runs fullscreen on my HD 1920×1080 monitor plus the CPU usage stays below 25%. Not bad for Flash, overall. Hopefully I can put in some actual gameplay (eg. enemies? weapons? score? gameover?) after I take a little break. ¬†Wish me luck!

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  1. Impossible says:

    How do you like working with molehill? Also are you using an engine or a framework or did you role your own? I guess it has to be a jam game also because almost no one will be able to play it (for now).

    • It is easy, fun, and has incredible performance. AS3 is a joy to work in, FlashDevelop is the IDE of my dreams, and the APIs I’m using are away3d and jiglib which are so-so. Overall, very fun and 10x simpler than any c++ openGL or java game.

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