LD20X6: To the Jam, I suppose.

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May 1st, 2011 7:51 pm

Wow… I thought I’d be able to finish this faster. Of course, it doesn’t help that I’m falling asleep at the keyboard… had I known that LD was running this weekend before Friday night, I would have made an effort to not get ridiculously exhausted this past week.

All in all, even if I don’t get anything submitted, I’d say this LD went pretty well… this is the first one I’ve ever participated in, this is the first game I’ve ever written using PyGame (aside from a tiny bit of joystick work in my main project a couple of years ago) and I just taught myself how to work with PyGame on Friday night, and this is the first 2D game I’ve worked on since high school. Not to mention that I wrote my own parallax-capable system for the game using PyGame’s sprite support – the first time I’ve ever even messed with code that does something like that.half hour,

Still, even though there’s no way I’ll be able to submit anything in in the next 10 minutes I’ll still try and submit this for the jam… it’s already a pretty cool game, just missing some important pieces, so it feels pretty incomplete at the moment. I’d probably be able to finish it all in like 6 hours if I slept first… but if I had slept earlier today, I would have slept through the deadline, easily.

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