Finally, this is a game.

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May 1st, 2011 6:19 pm

“Added gameplay :D” is the most epic commit message in my life ever.

So, now these guys actually walk towards the exit, but get scared and run away from monsters. Sometimes, to their doom. Because they only get scared if monster is at a certain distance, brave fellows from the rear push sissies on the front, so the whole crowd is inexorably advancing unless you’re actively keeping it at bay. So you have to choose between holding them off and carefully hunting down and killing the forerunners. That adds some sort of a challenge. However, I doubt if that’s any fun (for anyone except me, because “OMG it works I made it”) and can hold the player’s attention for more than a couple of minutes. That will be up to you to judge.

I think I’m going to take the courtesy of the “Submission hour” and delay my release a little (please tell me, if that’s against the rules), because there are many terribly little annoying things I don’t want to get in the game. Unfortunately, there also are some nice things I wanted to make, but will probably fail, due to the lack of time. These include audio and better graphics. Sorry.

Now I’m going to switch to Windows to make sure this thing even runs there and publish first (and presumably, last) alpha.

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