Play the untitled, unfinished LD20 entry.

I’m done.  Its not finished, but I’m done.  With a little over an hour left, I’m missing:

  1. any sort of complex pathfinding for the adventurer (read: she runs in a straight line from left to right, not jumping, no anything else).
  2. any hazards other than the arrows falling from the sky
  3. any items with behavior that interacts with the missing hazards (only the shield is in there with any behavior, which simply nullifies the arrow damage).
  4. any sound effects or music
  5. any animation other than what can be done with particle effects
  6. any artwork other than the placeholder concept sketches and primitives-based models
  7. any end goal for the level run (the player will stop in front of a beautiful white cube

In retrospect, my biggest hindrance is in the art department (as is the case for many folks, I would guess).  I’m fairly comfortable artistically, but I’m out of practice with anything but a pen and paper and easily distracted all over the place.  I spent way to much time tweaking particle effects for lava ash and god-rays for item delivery and not enough time producing quality assets or features.  I’m unfamiliar with sprite animation in Unity that doesn’t rely on the commercial SpriteManager 2 framework (which I can’t submit the source for so it’s out for any Ludum Dares).  I’m unfamiliar with anything but the most basic box-modeling in 3d modeling software (which I used extensively to model my arrows, which you can’t barely see anything of and was another waste of time).  I’m also fairly useless at audio output of any sort, so I was planning on pumping out something easy in WolframTones but didn’t have any time to figure out how to get the midi file playing.

All said, I had a blast.  I was up way too late last night trying to get things put together and I learned a lot of little things here and there.  I think I need to brush up on some of my artistic output before the next Dare so that I’m prepared for another ridiculous theme.

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