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May 1st, 2011 1:08 pm

Not much progress...

So here we are. Six hours to finish the game, and still a long way to go. I wasted a lot of time today. But I still hope I’m going to release game. Yeah. For Great Justice!

Here are some new features:

  • Poor fellows can now die, should they wander too far away from the others. As you can see on the screenshot, they leave a nice puddle of blood.
  • Player can click mouse on the dark areas to make *very scary* monster (see on the left) appear for half a second. Monster is supposed to scare people away, but right now, it doesn’t.
  • There’s dynamic lighting! 😀 Well, not really smooth, but it’s there and serves two functions: restrict monster spawn areas and give player a hint as to how far away should the human go to become suitable prey.
  • Humans now try to stick together and don’t bump into walls (they didn’t enter the walls in previous version too, but now they don’t even *try*).
  • Oh, and they are now moving smoothly. Physics is tile-based, however.

All is not so bright though. After losing a lot of time on “humans-stick-together-but-try-to-explore” thing, I failed miserably. Most of them just stick around the spawn point. Those who try to explore used to get to the other end of the map, given about half an hour, but now they don’t — they just die.

Also, surprisingly, I ran into severe performance problems when I tried using alpha-channel for lighting. Seems like Qt is horrendously slow when drawing software graphics. My first impulse was to use its OpenGL facilities, but it turns out to be more complicated than originally anticipated. Maybe it’s just me. But my solution for the problem was to resign alpha channel altogether and use sprite with every other pixel being black and every other transparent. Smooth lighting going down the drain.

Oh, and the Scrollbars. That’s just plain wrong.

Here’s my todo list for remaining hours:

  1. Exits for the map and some simple pathfinding. I know how to do it and it seems to be easy — provided that there’s always one destination. For all mobs. I’m just tired of watching them dance around in the spawn room. Randomness will stay, though.
  2. Let humans be actually scared of monsters. The good part: this will finally turn it into the game. The bad part: I don’t even know if it will be any fun. I doubt, however, that it will be challenging at all. Maybe if I limit player’s ability to spawn monsters and make humans to to the exit fast enough and stick together well…
  3. Scores for killing every human. Preferably, combos too.
  4. Sound effects. Because recording screams is faster than drawing death animations.
  5. And some sort of GUI + short tutorial (just to show a few messages on screen).

Hm, on the second thought, how am I going to accomplish it in the time left? Will I have to settle for jam? I hope not.

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