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Ancient Technology

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Artwork in progress.

Posted by
May 1st, 2011 2:28 am

Early art work. This is almost enough for me to start programming with. I have the explosion animation done as well but need a snake and a badger. So far everything is going pretty fast considering I have not used tho wacom at a desktop in a while as I had to reconfigure the tablet properties haha.


Current Check List:

  • Art
    • Building
      • Damage
      • Death
    • Guy
      • Fire
      • Death: Fall
      • Move
      • Reload
    • Badger
      • Move
      • Death: Fall
      • Death: Explosion
  • Sound
    • Explosion
    • Shooting
    • Building DMG
    • Repair
    • Beaver Spawn
    • Beaver Death
    • Snake Spawn
    • Music Loop
  • Programming
    • Instantize MNS Framework
    • Movement
      • Badger
      • Guy
      • Snake
    • Shooting
      • Ammo
    • Collision
    • Point system


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