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May 1st, 2011 1:27 pm

Hey everybody,

I’ve never done this before and I’ve been so focused on putting my time into the game that I haven’t posted anything about it here.  Sure the competition is almost done, but I still have time for a little preview for you guys :) First a screenshot of what the basic game screen looks like at the start of a level:

"It is Dangerous to go Alone in the Dark"

Yup, that’s what it looks like.  Nope, you don’t play as a sentient ball of light.  I had a couple ideas to start with.  For a while, I was thinking of doing a sort of story-based game about going away by yourself to college or moving to a new city or whatever, but then I realized I wanted something with a little more gameplay.  The first thing that popped into my head was that exploring a dark cave by yourself was pretty dangerous.  I wanted to do something interesting with that though, so I decided that I should emphasize sound instead of visuals.  Therefore, the ‘this’ you take is a sonar monster detector.  The closer you are to an enemy, the faster it beeps.  Using this as well as a limited number of flares per level that you can place where you think enemies are, you must make your way through a series of caves with randomly placed, ever-increasing amounts of monsters.

Basically, think of it as minesweeper where you control an actual character instead of a mouse cursor, and where sound is your primary form of information on where the ‘mines’ are.

At this point, all the gameplay stuff is done.  I suppose I should give it another test runthrough or two, but we’ll see if I have time.  At this point, I’m just working on polish and adding assets.  More animations, sound, music, and plot-type-stuff.

This has certainly been an eye opening experience (I guess that’s kind of a pun, you’ll see what I mean when you play) and I’ve learned a lot from it.  It will also be the first game I’ve actually fully finished and released to the public, so that’s awesome!  Anyway, I hope you guys like it/at least think the idea is interesting.  Sorry for not posting more as I went about the process!

-Tim ‘fueelin’ Beck

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