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You will die here.

Posted by (twitter: @deepnightfr)
April 30th, 2011 8:38 pm

There is no way you could escape.

8 Responses to “You will die here.”

  1. dadads says:

    Very unique aesthetics!

  2. jclaine says:

    Sexy art style.

  3. PoV says:

    You will die here.

    Ah well, I had a good run.

  4. ladron says:

    Looking good again this year!

  5. chrisp says:

    Nice! Never thought of beveled pixels before. Tops. Very nu-lo-fi, as Farbs might say.

    That tree looks fantastic! I hope the terrain is going to get some more shading later. :)

    What does it look like in motion? It would be neat if the pixels didn’t move (as if it was actually that low-res, just with bumpy pixels).

  6. TellusE says:

    The nuances in the trees remind me of the best of the old Amiga scene – I mean that in the greatest reverence; those colours have a way of conjuring up the greatest of feelings.

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